Rolls-Royce Ghost ‘Six Senses’ Concept Even Smells Expensive

Rolls-Royce Ghost ‘Six Senses’ Concept Even Smells Expensive

Rolls-Royce is going for gusto with its special “Six Senses” Ghost, which the company says appeals to all your sensory perceptions, and more. Silly? Maybe, but there’s no question that this concept defines luxury transportation. 

The company wants to evoke your sixth sense with their new concept, the Ghost Six Senses. This car, which is being shown at the Beijing Auto Show, is based on a regular Ghost but with extra luxurious elements added to appeal to your sixth sense.

For a start, to tempt your eyes, you get a Carrara White paint job with forged alloy wheels. Open the doors and you’ll find Walnut Burr veneer adorning the interior.

While Rolls-Royce has been known for engineering quietness in its cars better than anybody else, the special Ghost has an amplified sound system to give you the feeling of being in an auditorium. It even has what Rolls-Royce calls ‘exciter’ speakers built into the headlining to give a full concert hall feeling. Whether that concert is played by Andrea Bocelli or AC/DC is up to you.

This concept has a unique aroma also, as its interior materials are treated to make a unique scent for its occupants. The driver and passenger will get to sit on the most supple of soft leathers in this Ghost, and while at it, the ones in the back can trigger their taste buds thanks to a chilled drink compartment for champagne or anything else you crave.

Your touch senses will appreciate the cool chrome and the sumptuous leather this concept has to offer. You also get deep pile lambswool rugs for your feet, plus a lambswool lining in the trunk to cosset your luggage also.

“Ghost Six Senses redefines a simple truth,” added Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motorcars. “A Rolls-Royce is always so much more than the sum of its beautiful parts.”

Will this concept ever get made? If you offer enough cash, chances are you’ll have one in short order.