Scion xB, xD Models Axed

Scion xB, xD Models Axed

When Scion was originally launched in 2003, the automaker intended for its models to follow a “one and done” mantra, which meant each model would be canceled after a single life cycle.

But that wasn’t the case due to the popularity of some of its models – namely the xB and tC. After a strong run, Scion has now announced the xB will be joining the xA in Scion’s automotive graveyard. Also gone is the universally unloved xD. The Japanese automaker announced that the xB and xD will not see another generation, making way for new models under the Scion name.

Jack Hollis, Vice President of Scion told Ward’s Auto, “We don’t have plans for a direct xB or xD replacement,” which means we might never see a box-shaped Scion ever again. Scion didn’t mention when we might see the new models, but we’re confident the FR-S will keep the Scion name exciting for at least a couple of years.

[Source: Ward’s Auto]

  • Kristy Ford

    I could understand getting rid of the xD because from what I’ve seen they aren’t very popular. I belong to a nation wide Scion community and axing the xB is a HUGE mistake. I have a first generation xB and absolutely love my ‘box’. This is going cause an upset with the Scion community I have a feeling. I wish they would change their minds and really rethink what they are doing.

  • Tohnya

    I could not say it better, our scion club has a bunch of xbs, new and old, and these are people who swear by the scion name because of the xb and the tc. Seriously Toyota you’ve had the bB in Japan for how long now? And you haven’t “axed” that yet, so what’s the deal?

  • Kevin

    The xB is what put scion on the map in the US, Please don’t make a big mistake that you will regrate.

  • Talked to my Scion Rep. and he’s legit a Scion rep. He wasn’t aware of this, so I’m going to dismiss it.
    There’s no way Scion would ax the xB and xD and think they could survive with only the tC, iQ, and frs… That’d be a BAD move on their part; so I highly doubt this will happen soon. If anything they need to create a new entry level coupe, and maybe a crossover.

    I own an xD, I can attest to their unpopularity. I was at a car show yesterday… ONLY xD there. I hardly see them on the road. So as sad as I would be, the xD is the only logical cut (though it’s illogical. Compared to the toyota yaris for the same price, the xD is a LOT more bang for your buck; plus it’s a Scion.)

  • Scionisme

    I just taked to my scion rep he said they may get replaced down the road. but for now at least 2 more years we will have the xB and xD. there is some new product down the pipeline.  I hope they decide to keep the xB, getting rid of the xB would be a BIG mistake.

  • Jack

    it will just make ours more valable

  • Frankhauser1

    Figures, time and time again I have seen car manufactures give up a good thing because some stupid marketing person says so. Or some bean counter who does not even have a drivers license says they can do better if they drop a model. I hopr Scion gets it head straight and keeps on pumping these out.

  • Chillin

    I just got my xB in Feb 12 and have put over 10k miles on it in 10 weeks. I could not ask for a better vehicle! I hate putting so many miles on it but it is my commuter car. I belong to a couple of Scion clubs and this is going to hit that community hard as the xB is one of those vehicles that has so much potential in customizing.  Scion – rethink what you are doing…. Please

  • JJ Pats

    The xD always was a waste. Shame about the xB though. They should bring that car back to its roots.

  • Sciongirl2012

    I think stopping production of the scion XB is a huge mistake. I absoulutly love our 2012 scion XB release series 9.0 and if it is the last year for the XB. It just made it more of a collector model. It’s almost like when they stopped making the supra and celica. It’s stupid. As for some thinking the XB is ugly, well every has their own taste and this is what makes the world interesting.

  • Don Umphress

    I have two XB’s. They are built to last. That’s why I bought the second one. The first body style was the best looking. It could have been made a little larger with a bigger engine and different transmission. They were never marketed right. They needed more options. I didn’t like the no haggle price. My 2006 has close to 150,000 miles and everything is original except for plugs,brakes, tires, & battery. I have owned big 3 American vehicles and spent thousands on them before they reached this mileage.

  • Jojopepe

    My xb is almost 4 yrs old and I LOVE my car! IF…IF I ever replace it I would like to have the option of replacing it with an other xb….best car EVER! I call it my girl truck 🙂 cause I can haul just about anything I want….