Shelby-Tuned Focus, Fusion Possible: John Luft says

Shelby-Tuned Focus, Fusion Possible: John Luft says

Shelby has been synonymous with the Mustang nameplate since its 2007 re-establishment as Ford‘s halo car producer, but that might be changing soon.

It seems the low-volume performance tuner currently best known for the Shelby GT500 is exploring the possibility of tuning other Ford vehicles to maximize performance., according to AutoBlog.

We already know that a contract to continue producing the GT500 through 2020 is in place, but an interview with Shelby president John Luft hints at more than one product in the future.

Apparently, there’s a chance we could see a Shelby version of the Focus and Fusion.

“Our plans include everything from the Mustang to looking at future development of the EcoBoost motor,” he said. “There could be a Focus or Fusion development in our future.”

GALLERY: 2013 Shelby GT500


[Source: AutoBlog]