Terrafugia Flying Car Video, First Look: 2012 NY Auto Show

Terrafugia Flying Car Video, First Look: 2012 NY Auto Show

It’s not science fiction any more. A company called Terrafugia was on hand at this week’s New York Auto Show, showing off a flying car – with video proof that it both flies and drives.

Actually more of a driving airplane, the Terrafugia team has been working on this car for years, completely revamping a prototype model they built back in 2009.

To find out more about the aptly-named Transition, how it works and what it costs, watch AutoGuide’s first look video below.

GALLERY: Terrafugia Transition


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  • “Were we’re going we don’t need roads” It’s not even 2015 yet! I’ve been hoping for flying cars since Back to the Future, I hope this idea really takes off!
    I speak for all cars!

  • Kimbo

    This is really awesome! The science fiction-likely future every kid used to see in movies is almost reality. But I’m just wondering: In a scenario with volatile weather conditions, what’s better: say a “Volkswagen” or a flying car? The same for a scenario with, let’s just say, 1 million people traveling at the same time in the same space? Hmmmmmm….