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 |  Apr 25 2012, 2:35 PM

9. GMC Canyon/Chevrolet Colorado

The GMC Canyon and the Chevrolet Colorado were discontinued last year and never enjoyed the success of their half-ton big brother. Separately, the GMC Canyon sold just over 151,000 units in its lifetime and the Colorado sold almost 561,400, selling a combined total of 712,400 small trucks. The small truck market has consistently shrunk over the past five years as half-tons become more fuel efficient, affordable and customizable.

  • Guest

    I wanna know how does the Titan stack up from a 2004 to date comparison?? 

  • Bmfilmnut

    It’s “separately,” not “seperately.  Spell-checkers are good.

  • NC4WD

    Since when wew they discontinuing the Silverado??

  • Cookster1433

    What??? We can,t even get a picture of the current year F-150?

  • http://www.builtfortrucks.com/ Ross

    Most people I know are highly satisfied with the Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Ram 2500, and of course the Ford 1 50.  I am all about American made trucks. 

  • CalebMclin

    I have an 85 RamCharger sorry but Dodge all the way

  • 85 RamCharger

    I have an  85 RamCharger sorry but have to say GO DODGE!!!!!!!

  • eddie2471

    ur an idiot the F-150 has been the best selling pickup for 36 years now!

  • beobotchter

    Emphasis on “has been”.   

  • flyn273

    your an idiot eddie ford has not out sold gm for a long time they get the ranking because they do not take serria and Silverado into to same truck well ford takes the whole f-series into account including F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550

  • tmx

    Ford = no bailout $$$, so Ford will always get the nod with most Americans in the private sector

  • Sportsnstuff Stuff

    this sucks they use a new chevy but a old ford in there comparison what bull shit

  • disqus_CGonmBcI1B

    You are anti intelligent! Obviously a racist slob! Go buy your Japanese vehicle you anti-american POS!

  • Macnight

    Your are an idiot, deal with it ford trucks ROCK! Chevy might sell more vehicles if they didn’t have the bus schedule in all there manuals. That’s a little scary.

  • Oil Field Worker

    Thanks for placing a 14 year old picture of a reliable Ford F-150. We can all attest to seeing these trucks on the road today.

  • fish

    Dodge might be a nice drive but ford out preforms it and Chevy can’t compete with either of them plus mustangs are better than challengers or Camaros

  • Angela Delice Furr

    I’ve had a Dodge , a Ford and a Silverado. And have to say the Chevy was better than the others.limited repair so far and it has over 500,000.00 miles on it and is running strong…

  • jmb1015

    Finally somebody that makes sense