Top 10 Best Selling Pickup Trucks in America

Top 10 Best Selling Pickup Trucks in America

4. Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger gets the distinction of being the best selling light pickup of all time in North America. It was introduced in 1983 and followed the long line of light pickups into the automotive graveyard in 2011. The Ranger sold more than 4.7 million units from January, 1990 up to the last day it was for sale in 2011. While Japanese companies have a hold on the light truck market now, the Ranger was the dominating force while it was on sale.

  • Guest

    I wanna know how does the Titan stack up from a 2004 to date comparison?? 

  • Bmfilmnut

    It’s “separately,” not “seperately.  Spell-checkers are good.

  • NC4WD

    Since when wew they discontinuing the Silverado??

  • Before moving forward, it’s important to note that delving directly
    to each truck’s sales numbers from original inception is difficult if
    not impossible given the degree of variation and frequently lost

  • Cookster1433

    What??? We can,t even get a picture of the current year F-150?

  • Most people I know are highly satisfied with the Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Ram 2500, and of course the Ford 1 50.  I am all about American made trucks. 

  • CalebMclin

    I have an 85 RamCharger sorry but Dodge all the way

  • 85 RamCharger

    I have an  85 RamCharger sorry but have to say GO DODGE!!!!!!!

  • eddie2471

    ur an idiot the F-150 has been the best selling pickup for 36 years now!

  • beobotchter

    Emphasis on “has been”.   

  • flyn273

    your an idiot eddie ford has not out sold gm for a long time they get the ranking because they do not take serria and Silverado into to same truck well ford takes the whole f-series into account including F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550

  • tmx

    Ford = no bailout $$$, so Ford will always get the nod with most Americans in the private sector

  • Sportsnstuff Stuff

    this sucks they use a new chevy but a old ford in there comparison what bull shit

  • Anti-Obama

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    Your are an idiot, deal with it ford trucks ROCK! Chevy might sell more vehicles if they didn’t have the bus schedule in all there manuals. That’s a little scary.

  • Oil Field Worker

    Thanks for placing a 14 year old picture of a reliable Ford F-150. We can all attest to seeing these trucks on the road today.

  • fish

    Dodge might be a nice drive but ford out preforms it and Chevy can’t compete with either of them plus mustangs are better than challengers or Camaros

  • Angela Delice Furr

    I’ve had a Dodge , a Ford and a Silverado. And have to say the Chevy was better than the repair so far and it has over 500,000.00 miles on it and is running strong…

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    Finally somebody that makes sense

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  • Kenny

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