Top 10 Cars With Highest Percentage of Male Buyers

Top 10 Cars With Highest Percentage of Male Buyers

1. Ferrari 458 Italia: 95.3%

Topping the list of cars with highest percentage of male buyers is the Ferrari 458 Italia with an astonishing 95.3 percent. No real surprises here, maybe other than the fact that 4.7 percent of 458 Italia buyers are actually women. But it’s believable, as the flagship Ferrari model is every boy’s dream and it’s almost built into the male DNA to yearn to own a Ferrari.

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    Whats wrong with me ?
    I love these cars and I am a “girlie” girl !

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    How about top 10 of mass market cars – and limit it to actual cars. Pick some unit threshold for mass market and go from there. Love the reviews, but this article provides no value.

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     you’za hoe

  • American history, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of them are
    owned and driven by men. In fact, there are few surprises on this list
    considering most of the vehicles are dream cars of teenage boys, or
    those suffering a mid-life crisis.