Toyko House Features Car Elevator, In the Living Room

Toyko House Features Car Elevator, In the Living Room

It’s one thing to love your cars; it’s quite another when you design your home to accommodate your collection.

When someone loves their cars (not in a really strange, obsessive way), they will go to extraordinary lengths to be with their car collection as much as they can – but is this too much? In one of Takuya Tsuchida’s contemporary designs for a client in Tokyo, the KRE House was built to revolve around nine automobiles.

Ok, so an underground garage that stores your prized possessions doesn’t sound like such a big deal. But how about an elevator that lifts these cars right into the living room of your house – now that’s impressive! There’s nothing like a Ferrari or Lamborghini sitting in your living room to get people talking at a party – it’s a real ice breaker.

[Source: Inthralled]

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