Toyota GT 86 Crashes at D1GP Drift Event – Video

Toyota GT 86 Crashes at D1GP Drift Event – Video

Americans haven’t even seen the Scion FR-S in dealerships yet and Japanese tuners are out in Japan crashing the beloved Toyota GT 86 at drift events. 

When a rear-wheel drive car is going anywhere from 60-80 mph and flinging itself sideways, there’s a very good chance it’ll crash sooner or later. That’s part of the appeal of drifting: the inevitable, disastrous crash that is bound to come. Unfortunately this Up Garage Toyota GT 86 might be the first GT 86 to crash in a competition motorsports event piloted by Tetsuya Hibino.

It’s not an overly dramatic crash. In fact, it’s pretty run-of-the-mill when it comes to drifting accidents. But it’s still one of those sights we love to see on video. The cause of the crash is unknown, but given how relatively new the platform is, a suspension parts failure can’t be ruled out but chances are it’s was just overzealous piloting behind the wheel… or just the fact that it’s drifting and they get paid to create excitement.

The fully-decked out drift car shows the potential of what the FR-S / GT 86 can become behind the hands of the right tuners. FIVE:AD in America has already debuted its new aero kit that looks great for the FR-S.

Watch the video of Toyota GT 86 crashing in D1 Grand Prix after the break.

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  • Steve

    Ken Gushi crashed his brand new Scion FR-S at the first round of Formula Drift last weekend in Long beach CA. That would make him the first to crash a Motorsports built Toyota/Scion GT-86 or FR-S.


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