Wearing Headphones While Driving Legal in Most States

Wearing Headphones While Driving Legal in Most States

Common sense would tell you that wearing headphones (those not made to communicate hands-free with a phone) while driving would be illegal – or at least stupid.

But apparently it’s not that clear cut in the majority of the 50 states in America. According to AAA, wearing headphones is “mostly illegal” in just four states, while it’s “mostly legal” in 33 states. In the remaining 13, it’s apparently a Facebook relationship status of “it’s complicated.”

The complicated states have differing laws from state to state but for the most part it means that unless headphones are built into a helmet or is a Bluetooth headset, it’s illegal.

In case you thought that it was perfectly safe and legal to use headphones while driving, you might want to double check your state’s law. Or just be a nice, safe driver and avoid wearing them altogether.

[Source: Geekwire]

  • BVR

    Sooo you can be deaf and drive a car, but in some cases your not allowed to wear headphones at all. What if your not listening to HEAVY METAL ROCK AND ROLL, and instead listening to an audio book or a pod cast, or something about the LORD? Does the situation then change. In Colorado your allowed to smoke dope, but not allowed to wear head phones while driving. Ohhh what a tangled web we weave, people, in the civilized society.

  • Mikku

    People who talk about the LORD often yell, so that might be just as bad as HEAVY METAL ROCK AND ROLL for driving.

  • Dove

    Jesus would be a safe and courteous driver. If you want to spend time with the LORD while driving, do it in prayer. ♥

  • Norma Ray-Baker

    I don’t think the law really cares what you’re listening to. They just want you to be able to hear screams, horn honks, sirens. ..It’s easier to do that workout head phones. That seems understandable.

  • Beth Purkhiser

    Jesus has proven to be a very dangerous driver. Do NOT let Jesus take the wheel! I believe in some states his license has even been revoked. Might want to check your state law on that one.

  • Jesus ate my Reeses Pieces

  • Joe IOWA

    Random conversation people have with other people in the car, could potentionaly be more distracting than listening to music through earphones. listening to music in Headphones while driving is nice for me because I am more focused on the road and less focused an what everyone else is doing in the car. While driving I do not want to care what my Spouce is mad about, or what the kids are fighting about in the back seat. My number 1 goal is to get everyone to where we are going safely. All the crazy stuff that was going on in the car can be resolved when the car is parked and engine is off.

    I am sure there are many great deaf drivers because they do not get distracted by emotional converstion with someone in the car. (ASL is just to hard to try to carry on a conversation while driving!!!!! So do not even go there LOL). as far as people having concerns about not being able to hear the Safety vehicles like Police, fire trucks, and ambulance. I have a deaf Friend, whom informs me that he can feel the vibrations from the Sirens going off in his chest. He has never not noticed a emergancy vehicle coming toward him. emergancy vehical Sirens create vibrations in the cars they come close to.

  • Chad

    Why are deaf people allowed to drive in California? Just say’n…