What a $6 Million Garage Looks Like – Video

What a $6 Million Garage Looks Like – Video

In a world where it’s often difficult to tell the difference between the ridiculous and the obscene, this $6 million garage helps paint a clearer picture of what’s over-the-top.

On the HGTV program Million Dollar Rooms, host Carter Oosterhouse pays a visit to Tom Gonzales out in Lake Tahoe, Nevada to check out a garage that is larger than the average home in America. The garage itself is referred to as a “toy box” by Gonzales, housing dozens of motorcycles, some of which has never even been ridden. The garage is big enough to house 100 motorcycles, but that’s not even the cool part of the clip.

Out on the driveway, Gonzales uses up $25 dollars in electricity to raise what is essentially an aircraft carrier elevator to reveal a subterranean garage that is heated and is “completely impervious to any kinds of natural disasters we can think of.”

And before you laugh at the car collection in the 6,000-square foot underground garage, HGTV made mention that Gonzales had moved his “30 million dollar car collection the month before we got there.” In fact, the Malibu seen in the video belonged to the HGTV crew.

So what is really in his car collection? We might never know. But as Tony Gonzales says, “You just can’t put a price on fun.”

Watch the video below.

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