2012 Lexus GX 460 SportDesign Package Released

2012 Lexus GX 460 SportDesign Package Released

Lexus USA just released the “SportDesign” package for the GS 460 SUV, offering customers the chance to differentiate their SUV with a more updated look that steps slightly toward next year’s styling.

The F Sport brush is a broad one the brand is using to paint the RX crossovers in a sexier livery as well. While there aren’t any legitimate performance upgrades included in either package, for $2,000 GX customers get a new grille, exhaust tips, floor matts and new 18-inch cast alloy wheels.

Considering the GX costs upwards of $53,000, an upgrade priced like that probably makes sense. First, it gives buyers a little more motivation to buy now rather than waiting for next year’s updated styling. Second, it adds more appeal to a vehicle that doesn’t sell many units. Finally, at that price you’re essentially paying $500 per new wheel and getting a few other goodies to go along for the ride.


  • Don mallory

    it would be nice if you could get them chrome