Six-Speed Stick for M6 Confirmed

Six-Speed Stick for M6 Confirmed

Back by popular demand, the 2013 BMW M6 will sport an optional 6-speed manual transmission.

BMW only recently provided info on the confirmed 6-speed manual transmission for the M5, and now that same unit will reportedly find its way into the M6. Set to be offered in both the coupe and convertible, it’s expected to arrive for the 2013 model year car, though could be delayed until 2014.

Much like with the previous generation M5 and M6, BMW is reluctant to offer the unit, which shifts slower than its new dual-clutch automatic, but demand in the U.S. is keeping it alive.

Previous reports have stated only one in every 100 M5 buyers wants a manual transmission, although immediately after it was announced the first two months of stick-shift M5s had been sold out.



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[Source: Car&Driver]

  • T. Roll

    Shut up about stick shifts already. The DCT is faster. I will own your ass on a track with it. The stick shift is dead… just let it go.

  • Moneynthapower

    I don’t drive my M6 on the track kid.

  • Moneynthapower