2013 Cadillac XTS to get Additional Driver Assist Tech in Fall

2013 Cadillac XTS to get Additional Driver Assist Tech in Fall

Cadillac is developing a self-driving car, but until its ready, the company is offering a long list of collision avoidance features that will debut on the all new full size sedan, the XTS. 

The driver awareness package that is available in the XTS is a suite of tech that acts as extra sets of eyes for the driver, positioned all over the car. The awareness package includes lane departure warning, forward collision alert, safety alert seat, side blind zone alert, rear cross traffic alert and a reflected LED display.

The real leap forward that the XTS is making comes in the driver assist package. This may not be a fully autonomous vehicle, but it is definitely the first step in process of outfitting our cars with pseudo-brains. The driver assist package contains all the amenities of the driver awareness package, coupled with adaptive cruise control, front automatic brake, rear automatic brake and automatic collision preparation.

When all these systems come together, this car is capable of predicting a collision, warning you with a seat vibration and acting by applying the brakes in an attempt to avoid the obstruction.

The driver assist package won’t be available until the fall on the XTS, and when it debuts it will get us one step closer to never having to drive again.