2013 Chevrolet Cruze Facelift Leaked in Video?

2013 Chevrolet Cruze Facelift Leaked in Video?

The Chevrolet Cruze is getting a facelift for the 2013 model year, and this commercial released by the Korean arm of Chevrolet may have just given away the new style of the car.

The new look may be specific for worldwide markets, but odds are the car in the commercial is the same one that is coming here to America. The nose of the car looks more swept back and slightly elongated, definitely borrowing some cues from the new Malibu. A new front bumper with larger air intakes and a small ground effects kit also changes the old look into something a little more sporty.

The Cruze diesel is also going to be new for America in 2013, and the facelift will help to repackage the car as something all new.

Watch the commercial below to the what is probably the updated 2013 Chevy Cruze.

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  • Johnny Tightlips

    Doesn’t look that significant. Styling-wise it looks so sedated in comparison to the Dart and Elantra…

  • Disbeliever

    Will it have DRL, tyre pressure monitor, powered foldback door mirrors, auto on the 1.7 Diesel existing auto diesel only gets 27.8 mpg 

  • Wanto4

    Looks like Toyota fog light areas …  and that’s the one thing I hate most about new Toyotas! So now what do I do when my 2011 Cruze lease is up? Maybe buy it for the residual and go back to being a older car owner again. All these “tack on” module areas that scream “Hey , I really paid more for my trim on this overpriced econo box” ready bug me. I can only imagine how the new Vette is going to look…..  put a groove here, an add on assembly there, slap some air vents where ever space allows, …….that’s the new marketing!

  • Facelift looks worse instead of better, but I do like the idea of a desiel version. Hope its turbo charged so that it will have performance as well as good mileage

  • Davesoloway

    come on disbeleiver..quit bucking gm..their on the right track with diesels.id love to have a gm truck with a powerful 4cly diesel that would make 35 plus.dont be so negative…