2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Recalled for Steering Flaw

2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Recalled for Steering Flaw

Lexus is announcing a voluntary recall of about 650 GS 350 F Sport sedans because the steering system might not perform predictably. 

For those of us that played the Nintendo 64 gaming console, this should be a familiar problem. If the steering wheel is left off center when parked, an affected vehicle could misalign the wheels and steering positon when the car is turned back on, just like that obnxious joy stick on the N64 controller.

Unfortunately, the consequences would almost certainly be more serious if someone’s car keeps driving in the wrong direction than  their character in Mark Kart.

Owners driving affected cars might already know about the problem, but according to Lexus it happens when a car is turned off then immediately restarted.  GS 350 F Sports from the early 2013 model year are apparently experiencing the problem, and owners can expect a notification in their mailbox in early June to come in for service.

The repair should take about 30 minutes and involved retuning the car’s electronic control unit for the variable gear ratio steering. Service will be free of charge at any authorized Lexus dealer and no other Lexus or Toyota models are covered under the recall.