2014 BMW M3 to Herald Return of Inline Six-Cylinder

2014 BMW M3 to Herald Return of Inline Six-Cylinder

The next generation BMW M3 and especially its engine have been surrounded by rumors, but now it has been confirmed by the president of BMW North America that an inline six-cylinder engine will be the power source of the new M3. 

The new inline six will get either a two or three turbo setup, and will produce somewhere around 450 hp. Also look for a significant jump in torque.

Other M performance cars such as the BMW M5 and M6 are running with a bi-turbo V8 setup, suggesting that the third turbocharger will come on the inline six to keep the car up to the power standards of the BMW M line. As an electric turbocharger was patented recently by BMW, it is likely to find its way into the M3 as the third and final turbo.

Along with getting more power and becoming more efficient, the M3 will lose some weight, and in true performance car fashion, offer a six-speed manual or a seven speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Based on spy photos of the car, the M3 won’t change in look a great deal, but what it lacks in new style it will make up for with added performance.

The new M3 will probably be introduced in 2013 as a 2014 model.

[Source: Bimmer Post]

  • From the paint job alone, this car is a hundred percent stunner! Throughout its two decades on the market, the BMW M3 has been a favorite of enthusiasts looking for sports-car performance and handling from a true four-place car. For car enthusiasts who want four seats, it doesn’t get much better than the BMW M3.

  • An upgraded Inline six-cylinder engine? Whoa! BMW M3 is totally going to make a lot of its competitors eat its dust. The exterior alone is already amazing – then you put in an awesome performing engine, Wow! Enthusiast or not, people are going to love to this car.