2014 Dodge Durango to Launch Early With 8-Speed Automatic

2014 Dodge Durango to Launch Early With 8-Speed Automatic

The Durango has been a hit for Dodge, bringing back SUV buyers to a brand that has shed numerous products over the past few years.

While equipped with a standard (and efficient) 3.6-liter V6 engine, as a truck (and a sizable one at that), rising gas prices could send potential buyers away from the Durango and into something smaller. In order to keep pace with such changes Dodge is moving up the introduction of the 2014 model, which will see a several mile per gallon improvement thanks to a transmission with two extra gears.

According to one source the 2014 Durango will launch in May of 2013, sporting the same 8-speed automatic transmission that is already being used in the Chrysler 300 and which is expected to make its way under the hood of the Jeep Grand Cherokee soon.

In addition to that update, also look for the addition of the Chrysler brand’s larger 8.4-inch LCD screen as a part of the Uconnect system.

[Source: JeepGarage.org]

  • May 2013? That’s a year away. 🙁 I can’t wait that long and I won’t buy one with the five speed. Guess I’ll have to go with the Explorer. 

  • the2planker

    Will the R/T be available with the 8-speed? That’s the one I’m waiting for.

  • JW

    Will the 8 speed be available in the Hemi?

  • Again too slow to improve, likely be buying and different brand, why is the 2013 Ram 1500 getting the upgrades now??

  • Texas Doug

    I was hoping for the new tranny, but I will buy the 2013 Durango with the 5 speed because I’m getting rid of my 2011 Lincoln MKX with the same drivetrain as the Explorer.  Both my wife and I hate the My Touch controls and having to use the screen for every little change.  It is anything but User-friendly.  We had a 2008 MKX and loved it.  I now need the 3rd seat and inspite of the 5-speed the Durango beats the Explorer hands down in every other way.  The instrument cluster is identical in the MKX and Explorer. It is not easy to use, in fact you can’t even read the outside temp, because the digits are tiny and dim.  I recommend doing a little more homework………..

  • Jmdlcruz

    Bring Back the 2000 Durango design, put a 3.0 L V6 engine, improve the fuel economy, and put 7 sets,,,and durango will replace Santa Fe in e
    very home in North America

  • Chris B.

    because the parts are NOW readily available. These items like the V6 pentastar are successful  with other models and now are being forwarded to the Ram in production. That’s why

  • Sundru

    yup thats the ticket , waiting for the 8 speed.

  • Texas Doug

    Just an update….I bought the 2013 Durango Citadel with the Hemi and 6 speed.  Mileage is better than expected; 15-16 around town and 19-20 on Hwy.  In TX most Interstates are 75 or 80 speed limit. At those speeds, Durango gets better mileage than Lincoln even though it weighs 500+ more.  We LOVE this vehicle!!  It’s got more whistles and bells than the Lincoln did, is far more comfortable, and on and on.  We’ve been driving Fords & Lincolns for a long time and really can’t  believe the value.  The build quality is superior to anything I’ve had in a long time.  Everything about this Durango looks and feels like a much more expensive vehicle.
    I’m glad we didn’t wait for the 8 speed and were very excited to get rid of the Lincoln.

  • Challengerkids350

    Bring back more color choices, Please, especially blue!

  • LookingforaSUV

    +1 same here 

  • Aboone27

    Will the police SS w/8-spd. be available for special order?

  • Big B

    The only thing that kept me from getting a Hemi Durango was the transmission, my brother has it in his 2012 Dodge RAM and although the shifts are fast and smooth it has VERY tall gearing, holding the Hemi back. I mean mid 15s in the quarter is kinda slow by today’s standards, hopefully the new 8 speed will fix that.