2015 Ford Mustang Rendered into Reality

2015 Ford Mustang Rendered into Reality

Mustang fans and Ford loyalists may decry the automaker’s modern new style language but the changes we’ve seen in Ford’s lineup until now are only the beginning.

It’s hard to argue that the Focus doesn’t look better with it’s more European look, while many are still taking stock of the 2013 Escape‘s sleek new body. The biggest shock, however, will come when Ford unveils the 2015 Mustang, with styling inspired by the Evos Concept. What that means, is that you can expect a nose similar to that found on the 2013 Fusion sedan, which it’s hard to argue takes cues from the Aston Martin lineup.

While some amateurish renderings have been floating around the Internet since the 2015 Mustang styling revelation came to light, we’ve employed the services of artist Jon Sibal to provide a better idea of exactly what Ford is planning. Trading its extra long nose for one more appropriate for a sports car, our 2015 Mustang rendering takes the Evos grille and adapts classic Mustang lines for an aggressive yet dynamic front.

Ford has said the 2015 Mustang will be more modern, tossing aside its current retro looks, in part due to previous announcements that it will join Ford’s One Ford global model policy. The current Mustang may work well in North America, but its styling simply won’t sell overseas.

With the redesign Ford is also smartly planning for a bright future for its staple sports car. Boomers and the Gen X crowd may still find the Mustang’s retro look appealing, but Generation Y wants nothing to do with it. With that in mind, a modernized Mustang should help change attitudes. Without this shift in design philosophy, Mustang sales would slowly disappear.

But big styling changes aren’t all Ford has in store of the 2015 Mustang. Rumors they may just be, but there’s continued talk of a full independent suspension that will help transform the Mustang into a true modern era sports car. In fact, with the car’s new powerplants, including the high-output 420 hp 5.0-liter V8, as well as the tight steering and responsive pedals, perhaps the only things outdated on the Mustang are its solid rear axle and retro styling.

Don’t expect Ford to stop the development process there either. No confirmation is available yet, but look for a return of the turbocharged Mustang, starting with the V6. Ford is reportedly working on an EcoBoost 2.7-liter 4-cylinder that could certainly produce over 300 hp. As to whether an EcoBoost V6 could replace the V8, only time will tell.

Already lighter than its key rivals, if only Ford could help the 2015 Mustang shed a couple hundred pounds and the BMW M3 will go from top of the heap to being overpriced and underpowered.

GALLERY: 2015 Ford Mustang Renderings


  • All Haus

    Absolutely stunning! I would definitely buy this… even with a turbo 4-banger.

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t even sell one if it was given to me that “mustang” wow go straight to the crusher!

  • “69 Forever

    I will always be a Mustang lover however they style it, but my roots are always will be in the ’60s.
    That’s where I grew up and that’s when the Mustang was born! As long as the Mustang name lives on it will always be a big part of my life!!

  • Howie Johnson

    Now we spell redemption F-O-R-D.

  • Uuuuhgleeeee.

    That proposed look is a travesty in action, much like the Mustang II.  Ford, did you not learn your lesson from the Mustang II?

  • dzynone

    As long as it can handle and outperform or equal cars like the M3. This styling would take getting used to as it’s losing the “muscle car” look.

  • Rkellstrom

    This looks way better. Forget the tired muscle car look, its cheesy and played out. This style has way more class and cleaner lines. Although its a bit reminiscent of the Hyundai Genesis lines.

  • The M3 is already overpriced and out performed.

  • Look it is an Audi R8 with a Mustang logo!

  • T. Roll

     Wow! Somebody I agree with.

  • Cuteronnie

    No good! Thats not a mustang I would buy! It looks like a Japanese car. I am the up and coming generation that does own mustangs old and new and that car would be a disgrace to the legacy it now holds. Lets not go back to 1974 and destroy the Mustang once again. You could call that car a Ford Probe but not a Mustang!!!

  • Niefiece

    i love this look i am finally interested in the mustang

  • Jbelding1

    There is no more to do with the retro look, time to move on and bring Mustang current!

  • TT

    That is a nice render.  I’d buy that over the overly retro current Mustang, and that’s coming from a 46yr old.  Those old cars were great for their day.  If you want a retro car, then buy the real thing, and not some modern interpretation of the original.  The Mustang deserves to be a better looking car, and that render is one idea that works.
    I don’t like the rear windows though.  They don’t make sense in the current model, and shouldn’t be carried over to an all new model.  Make the glass bigger and allow the windows to pop open via electric function.  Coupes tend to build air pressure when the sunroof or one window is open.  Opening a rear window helps that out tremendously.  Also, SUNROOF!  A nice, reasonably priced sunroof.

    One more thing, I hate it when people call the Camaro and Mustang “Muscle Cars”.  They are not “muscle cars”, they are sport coupes not sedans with huge engines and bad brakes with wallowy suspensions.  The old term “Pony” cars fits them much better.

  • TurboTwin

     Right now.  The new one will be available soon.

    Every since American auto makers, finally, started putting big power engines in their sport/sporty cars, many have tried to shame the M3 for it’s high price and lower power.
    That’s a very very short sighted view.  A Mustang GT even with 450hp is still not comparable to an M3.  Too many people get hung up on the HP number and that’s all they want to use to compare to other cars.  If you’re such a person, fine, your choice.  But, that narrow view can’t appreciate an automobile with a balanced chassis, that can be driven comfortably every day, and still go to the track and tear it up.  All the while it does so in comfort in a nicely designed drivers cabin using great quality materials.

    A Mustang or Camaro are great cars.  They offer huge HP for a decent price.  Just like most other things that have a price tag, there is a reason why some cost more and some cost less.
    A Burger King burger may taste ok and fill you up, but it’s not the same quality as a burger made from “Prime or Choice” grade beef.  A Mustang or Camaro are “Select” grades for the masses.

    The M3 gets attacked not because it sucks or that it’s lacking.  It gets attacked because it’s that good, and haters KNOW this….MAN!

  • Felix

    That looks absolutely terrible. It looks like a 2012 mustang rearended the evo’s concept. If i was you, i’d ask for my money back from the guy who made this.

  • I would buy one. These look better than the Camero. It would be nice if the execs took a cue from this guys design. I am sick on the same old high grill front end. Looks good!!

  • Love the big butt……Fat bottom girls make the world go round!!

  • Hanklate

    I would love to supoport Ford, however their Mustang and Corvette stylings are so tired and so dated that I just can’t see myself investing in one. However, I was blown away by the 2013 Fusion, and if Ford creates a similar design and feel to this rendering, you can sign me up for a pre-order!

  • Felix

    Corvette is Chevy

  • Leo_mob_leo

    way to kill a masterpiece ford, dam you for making this stupid new sports car with the mustang name 

  • Ha

    looks good!

  • Love the car, but those rear windows! 

  • Asfd23

    looks better than all of the other renderings online so far

  • Asfd23

    looks better than all of the other renderings online so far

  • Bob

    The new mustang is the second best mustang ever and if ford is going to design a mustang they should build it from the ground up and not copy an aston martin.  Second of all the mustang and camaro will always be muscle cars.  Finally, this car is not a mustang!!!!!

  • Rccaruso79

    I agree 100 percent!

  • Bob

    This isn’t a mustang created by ford.  It’s a rendering.

  • Bob

    The Corvette is made by Chevy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    This made you interested in the mustang?!

  • Mjramsey1713

    That just looks like an evolution of the current car, complete with triangular opera window. If Ford really wants to break free of the current design it’s going to have to start with a clean sheet of paper, and will look much different from this

  • V8

    It’s bad, and if they trade V8 for V6 and it’ll be baaaad!

  • Dustin

    I’ve Been a mustang fan my whole life.Looks like they are finally making one worth going into debt for. IRS, lighter and more modern/aggressive styling? Hell yes!.I love cars in general. Love the heritage of the mustang but I’m flat out embarrassed that it has taken this long for Ford to refine it and bring it up to the worldwide standard for “sports car”. I used to love Mustangs. Then I rode in a Lotus Elise… I want a REAL car made RIGHT HERE in the USA! What better car for that than the Mustang?!

  • CA_Refugee

    I love the current body style for the ’13 MY, but it will be nice to see a new design and a complete update to the drive line. If the new ’15 will look anything like this render, it will be fantastic! I like the Aston Martin styling. Nice, fluid and sleek. 

  • While I hated the previous renderings on other websites I’ve seen up to now, this one is beautiful, curvy hips and all! This is looking well-beyond Pony Car territory…sexy!

  • WAY better. The “hips”, the longer hood, the other curves, and the low hood line make the difference big-time.

  • Niteryder50

    Are some of you guys kidding, this design looks great, there is only so far you can cary a retro look and the current design has met its shelf life. time to let the 60’s go guys and embrace the future. To Ford I’ll only say if you come close to this look you’ve got my vote and check book.

  • Greg123

    2015′ mustang global sales will depend not only o a new lower sleeker design w IRS (and it must have irs or bust) but they absolutly must knock no less than 500lbs from its curb weight. Weight is everything! And contrary to the old guy executive that think buyers dont payattention to that stuff, in fact todays car tech savy genx and y know full well where the mustang should and could be performance wise in contrast to its price. And todays Mustang has no excuses for being a smallish car weighing as much as some midsized sedans. Ford must drop the old practice of using parts from the much larger heavier sedan supply bin. Ford really must realise it only take a few key moves to place the mustang in supercar terrritory. Extreme weight reduction, improved aerodynamics. Lower center of gravity, wider longer track and improved interior.
    He current car is fast but too heavy, shelbys are even heavier and bulkier. All ford has to do is commite to building a true sports car and not something that doesnt know what it should be. The focus and fusion covers the ‘family/commuter’ segment, the mustanf is now free to be the full fledge stallion its name suggest it should be.

  • I wonder who at Ford is making design decisions.  The photo above looks excellent.   I would trade my Porsche if Ford design automobiles that looked like this.   PS, balance the weight and get rid of the plastic.


    Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assemilated. Its about time Ford stops catering to a small American based mustang crowd. I mean you cant keep allowing BMW, Honda, Hyaundai and Nissan to take all the coupe money and keep building the same OLD mustang. Keep the engines and give us under 40 folks a new design.



  • Ed Mundo

    This design isnt all that great. I like the current version more. Thankfully its only a rendering of what the Mustang could look like. That said, I hope that in the process of designing this new global Mustang, it doesnt get too diluted. Whether you call it a pony car or muscle car, its still a uniquely American car. It needs the right balance of modern design and styling with heritage. It would be tragedy to see it look too Japanese or European.

  • Whatever the Mustang is, it basically must be a budget Ferrari.  That’s what the original was.  So go find the Italia and get to work.

  • I think it was destroyed in 1969, but thats just my opinion.

  • Scott

    I like this. We just got a 2012 for my son in March and a 2012 for my wife in April. My daughter wants to get 2013 next year. We are a Mustang family. I hope that I can got a 2015 Mustang.

  • PussyGalore

    Yuck…..Ford will soon make sure all of its models are indistinquishable from Kias and Hyundais.

  • I was going to say it kinda looked like an Aston Martin

  • Johnlancing

    they are muscle cars the only American sports car is the vette, thats the way it is

  • I like the way the front end is made, makes the car look real mean and powerful, but not so liking the middle on back of the car

  • merimar3

    You are so wrong on so many levels. First off. The retro look is amazing and I love it. Why would someone buy the older models that get worse gas mileage, aren’t as reliable/safe, and moreover, probably would cost an arm and a leg just to get up to today’s daily driving standards!? Also, the newer Mustangs are lighter and far more powerful than their classic counterparts. The rendering is a cool car, of course, but it is NOT a Mustang! The Mustang can’t have this Aston-Martin like look! That’s not what Mustangs are about. Newsflash, the sunroof has been available since 2010 man. Just thought I’d clue you in on that. Electric popping glass panels, what is this, a 1995 Dodge Caravan?!?! That’s a terrible idea. I’m glad you aren’t working for Ford, or we’d have some ugly $hit coming off the line.

    The Camaro and Mustang aren’t muscle cars? Are you retarded?!!! They STARTED the muscle car era bud! Bad breaks with wallowy suspensions? Oh really? Is that why the 2011 Ford Mustang GT lost by a TENTH of a second to your precious little overpriced BMW M3!?!

    Get your facts and opinions straight before you babble here….

  • merimar3

     I’d also like to add that all new Mustangs come with Brembo brakes…four wheel disc brakes…bad brakes? Brembo is leading the industry for braking technology.

  • TT

    Your comments are simply opinion based, as all comments on design are.
    However, most of your commentary seems to be simply to attack my opinion, and in a nasty way.
    For that, you’re an a$$.

    Now, as far as what is a “muscle car”, muscle cars were regular run of the mill larger cars, generally mid-size, that received huge powerful engines.  That’s what made them muscle cars.  A 1965 Mustang with an anemic V6 is not even close to being a “muscle car”.  There have been Mustangs and Camaro’s that are included as muscle cars, but those are the big and powerful versions.
    Also, true “muscle cars” ended around 1962.  The current Mustang and Camaro are not muscle cars.  They are “pony” cars, and some versions are quite powerful.  

    So, before your pimply diaper rashed butt attempts to name call someone and use the derogatory “retarded”, you should first know what you’re talking about before demonstrating clearly that you don’t.

    And, your reading comprehension, or lack thereof, shows you to be quite low on the IQ scale.  Reread my comment, where did I say that the current Mustang is wallowy with bad brakes?  BTW, “brakes”, not “breaks”.  Jeez, and you want to try and prove yourself correct.  I was  talking about the old “muscle cars” not the modern versions of the Mustang and Camaro.  I could have been clearer, and you could have been smarter in your reply, instead you chose to be an arse.

    Yeah, finally the Mustang has received closer to the proper engineering to compete, at least in track terms, with cars like the M3.
    Still, there is NO comparison between the M3 and the Mustang.  It’s not just about all out numbers, it’s about the manner in which those numbers are achieved.  The Mustang takes more effort to drive as fast as the M3.  The feel of the Mustang at those speeds is  NOT the same.  Clearly you haven’t driven one.  New M3 is coming, and anyway, Mustang and M are not in the same class.

    One can only get their facts straight, which you need to work on.
    Opinions belong to the individual, and only the individual knows if their opinion is “straight”.  Now go away angry child and let the adults converse.

    One more thing, by proper sunroof I mean NOT the $1000 glass thing Ford offers.  OOOOO, since 2010, really, that LONG ago?  🙂 LOL!
    And yes, the rear quarter windows are crap, ugly, and worthless, in major need of redesign.

  • TT

    Yeah, those of us who know cars already know this. The Mustang finally got Brembo brakes as an OPTION.  And, NO, ALL new Mustangs DO NOT get Brembo brakes.  Brembo’s are offered as an option and only on certain Mustang varians..  It took long enough.

    You more edumacation that I’m willing to offer, especially someone as smug as you.

  • TT

    Correction:  That should read; You NEED more edumacation that I’m NOT willing to offer….:)

  • Bob

    This is the stupidest thing i have heard today. The mustang and camaro are muscle cars. If you dont think these are muscle cars then tell me what you consider a “true” muscle car. By the way muscle cars started being made in 1964 and werent heard of in 1962

  • Bob

    Maybe you should consider the fact that this mustang rendering is an aston martin based rendering and is not a mustang. Also, pony cars are muscle cars and please explain to me why you dont consider the Mustang and Camaro muscle cars

  • kilroy

    muscle cars? In your interpretation Johnlancing, maybe. But they were & shall remain classified a Pony car. It defined the class:
    ” The 1964 Mustang provided the template for the new class of automobiles.[7][8] The term itself “was coined by Dennis Shattuck, who was editor of Car Life magazine” at the time.[9] The term “originates from the equestrian sounding Ford Mustang”,[2] and may also refer to the Ford Mustang’s logo (a galloping pony).”

    Since you brought up sports car in reply to TT I’ll add, the first gen Thunderbird was never marketed as a sports car. Its performance trumped the first gen corvette’s. Ford dropped that ball. Did you forget that Corvette SHARES the spotlight in American sports car category with Dodge Viper?

    sports car, muscle car, pony car. for those of us that grew up with them and watched them evolve or die off, there are distinctions. And that’s the way it is.

  • kilroy

    I like it. Certainly a different direction for Mustang but something I would love to see on the road.

  • Marcello

    As a representative of the supposed Gen Y, i find this car atrocious. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot stick. The proportions are horrid and not appropriate for a mustang. Love the styling, but the proportions are just all wrong. 

    I loathe European styling…

  •  Take all the money? The mustang out sells all of those cars.

  • Jacob

    Wrong sir, Vette isnt the only American sports car, it’s actually one of the Slowest, The other Sports cars are from Ford and Dodge. Ford has Ford Gt and Ford Shelby, Dodge has a Viper that was designed by Carol Shelby himself. So the Corvette is not the only sports car 

  • Snow Man

    Maybe Ford design is not so bad, thanks for Aston Martin, Audi and other brands. It may works but if they continue to make junk under the hood (broken fuel pumps, leaking engine oil, transmission fluids and who knows what else) and all of that after few hundred miles of driving than I really do not know how far they expect to go.
    And yes I know very well what I am talking about. I see things like this every day.

  • Viper dude

  • Joseph Pohl

    I like the integration of modernizing the retro styling, but I have a few issues, the rear end looks odd, looks like the wheels are kicked out too far, and pull that logo off the top of that nose immediately.
    I’m not against seeing a company have it’s branding on it’s own product, but what bothers me is that these mustangs have been ford logo-less for a while and it has it’s own name to it, you look at the car, “ooh, it’s a mustang” not “ooh, it’s a ford” nobody says that about the corvette either, you don’t hear, “ooh, that’s a chevy” No one says that, keeping the pony as the only real logo is one of the best things to recognize the car for it’s appeal, putting the big logo ruins it’s beauty as an independently amazing car, Now it’s just a Ford. Just like the Camaro, now it’s a Chevy.

  • Venessa Pohl

    this looks stupider than all hell

  • Venessa Pohl

    i agree. when i look at a camaro, i dont say “ooh camaro” i say “eww a chevy”, i will lose all respect for ford if they keep the logo on it. display it elsewhere like they do on the 2012, the medal circle with it saying “ford” it keeps the beauty of the mustang while showing fords ownership. dont pull this bull crap, ford. you are better than the rest.

  • Will Estell, Auto Editor

    The brand new Mustang for 2015 is simply a sign of what we can expect to see from Ford, and pretty much every other automaker on the planet fast coming.

    The 2015 concept, which my contacts at the major auto mags have been told is almost sure to be very close in reality to this concept, is to be a more vibrant and better handling, driving and riding car in most every single measurable aspect.
    It will handle much better even in base form -expect a skidpad of .98 or better for sportier tuned versions, thanks in part to the new coming independent rear. You can also expect a much more balanced ride with a noticable gain in response and thrill ratio. All of this without any loss of power and that always important 0-60 time. Speaking of, I believe this new turbo four should surprise many cubic inch die-hards with its 0-60 in the range of 4.8 to 5.1 seconds in a car fitted with the handling package. Not too shabby for a four banger that will bring its proud owner 35 mpg on the highway, right?

    And last but not least, remember that by 2015 we’ll likely have seen the favorite old muscle car sporting four doors in a sedan version (as of the 2014 model). This opening up an entire new group of buyers for the blue oval brand. Yes, I know a four door Stang may sound funny now, but remember when four door Jeep Wranglers seemed odd too? Or better still any four truck looked abnormal…the way any two door one does now.

    As for the more European looking flair, one can be sure this is to influence the buying decisions and desires of all of our driver friends on the other side of the pond, and around the world. In my personal opinion I look at most of Ford’s new concepts and think for a moment that their designers have forgotten they no longer own Aston Martin. That being said though, I love the look and believe it will quickly grow on most of us, including the devoted Mustang fans who like the current progression of a recognizable automobile that can currently be seen as a direct descendant of the old ’64 original.
    As for me, I just can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one on a curvy Alabama back road…or better yet, a future test drive right down the road at Talladega Superspeedway.

    -Will Estell Publisher, Beaches Resorts & Parks magazine

  • Congratulations, Ford.

    You ruined the Mustang.

    You took the American icon you created, cross-bred it with a freakin Nissan Altima, and then metaphorically ripped its balls off all in the name of making it more “modern”. 

    This Mustang fan will remain behind the wheel of his 2005.

  • Johntavaresislife

    my dads got a 2005 stage 1 roush (19000miles). hes giving me the choice of inhereting the roush or getting the 2015 gt. i agree with you completley

  • Cnate47

    I have an 09 low miles. next time I buy a car, I have no clue what I’m going to get.  I think the current body 10-14 doesn’t look very good still.

  • RR

    Wow, if the new mustang looks like this, I’ll put my name on the waiting list as soon as its announced. I hope Ford comes close to this design! This rendering is pure automotive beauty!

  • Travis

     That “American Icon” Died nearly 40 years ago. The 60’s mustangs and very early 70’s were the best of the best. You can’t tell me that this new design is any worse than those 30+ years of horrifyingly ugly cars that they slapped the name “mustang” on. Get over it.

  • It’s a rendering folks, relax.  It’s not even a Ford rendering, it’s a fan rendering.  That said, this probably wouldn’t stand because the hood is too low per current pedestrian safety rules. It’s going to have to look a bit more boxy to conform to US safety standards. 

  •  That’s what I meant, partly. This thing looks like a ’73 Mach 1 crossed with a modern Nissan.
    I still like the retro style of the 05-09s, though. Big improvement over anything from the 80s and 90s.

  • stangthang

    2015 Mustang…hmmm, it reminds me of 1974 Mustang II mistake. I hope it will go to Europe and keep it off the showroom floor here in Nort America. As far as 50 anniversary it would be more fitting to have
    Mustang more like the 1964 1/2 to 1965 body shell, with updated everything alse. Sorry 2015 loks like backwards tode.

  • Parmentier48

    I think it looks pretty damn cool. The whole thing is that they’re changing their styling to fit with the current demographics. While I love the retro styling of the 2010 and newer models (The 2005-09 models were like big bricks with no grace and terrible powerplants to me), I can’t deny that this new model still retains some of the more aggressive and bold ‘stang’ lines while giving it a little bit of a more European flair. To me, this isn’t a bad change, but it is different than from what we’ve seen in the past. The whole thing is that the old guard of the original mustang body style hasn’t changed since the 60’s Mustangs were introduced, and they pretty much haven’t liked anything but the original, so what makes people think that they’re going to like this new body style? I’m all for keeping what isn’t broken, but I’m also for taking the best of a design and adding other parts to make it better. I for one am excited about the body style change, but it seems like I am the minority here, at least in the comments section. Especially if they can shave a couple hundred pounds of the car… it can do wonders for handling and gas mileage… there is no reason a GT should weight nearly 3400 pounds!

    The bottom line is that the old body style isn’t selling anymore, and they are updating their body styles to be more European and Asian friendly. Its a global marketing strategy, not one to specifically suit the needs of the hardcore mustang fanboy (both the young and old).

  • Subwaytrainsagain

    There are tons of renderings out there and to me the Guigiaro Mustang is the best one. and peopla say it looks like a camaro, well what do you know! it was built before the new chevys.. they copied Ford again! lol i just got into mustangs i hope i dont have to grow old watching people drive this shit. 😐

  • Hjarsenault

    this is one beautiful car, hopefully they will produce it without changing the style as it is now. this one makes me a mustang lover

  • Oh, PLEASE let it look like this! The other design predictions I’ve seen are as dull as a saltine cracker, but this one is GORGEOUS! 

  • john

    every mustang up till now has been agressive and perfevt?

  • Zyoncomics

    Just found this, another concept that might actually be the next mustang…maybe, but don’t get so worked up and give up on Ford yet untill you see whats hitting the road. and I would like to get a comment on the Ford GT concept next to it.

  • Mikeypillz1993

    I got it! take this design and shove it up the lead designer for the 2015 mustangs ass! The mustang is an american car keep it here… if a chinese man wants a mustang then well come buy one hear …ill prob get negative comments for that but i dont really care. now as far as design.. more retro! more meaner! less aston audi german w.e car this wants to be its not so stop. 3rd engine wise ecoboost? small 4cyl engine? hmm isnt there a huge recall on the 1.6l engines??? for engine fires? yea no stop get rid of the boss and bring back the mach 1 with a 7.0L v8 engine… get rid of this nonsense small engine crap and for the normal 6cyl… get the engine from somewhere else where it doesnt sound like a pissed off mosquito….. now for the evos.. nice car… put a big ass engine in her with an irs sell it AS the evos and theres your answer for the 2013 vette and the dodge viper case closed

  • Mikeypillz1993

    and i meant here*

  • Apasternack

    ugliest thing i’v ever seen.

  • Knock the Vette all you want, like the 911 It has still retained much of the same styling the old car had. Mind you, Porsche has kept even closer to the original and is a far superior brand but once you start mucking with the character of a classic you lose it. Better off to do like Nissan did when they revived the GTR. They kept the round lights and AWD and that was it. All esle was new and the Skyline nameplate was dropped. (Obviously in Japan the G35 carried the Skyline name and sucked). Ford is finally doing the right thing in my opinion. You’ve dicked with the original formula too much, refresh it and move ahead.

  • it is one nice looking  Mustang.Ford must finally give the Mustang a design that Europe would be envious!!

  • b-stang

    I own a 2009 mustang and had a 1969 mach 1 this auto guide rendering is the best I’ve seen, loose the rear side window and put in the rear window of the 69 mustang fastback, then it will be perfect

  • Scritti Politti

    The hatchback look is dumpy.  And the “bent” look of the fenders looks like a Tiburon of 10 years ago.

  • Stephen Carroll

    Screw Europe, its an American muscle car but apparently Ford has forgotten that!  I could care less if Europe likes it or not!

  • Stephen Carroll

    By the way I’ll stick with the classics, I’m done with the modern Mustangs!

  • Chris

     Then care less.  If you could not care less, then that would be a different story.

  • I’d drive it! 

  • How’d those SVO 4 cylinder Mustangs of the early eighties do??? Personally, I’d recommend keeping the AMERICAN car AMERICAN!

  • Myangeldust

    The Mustang has never followed the styling of other Fords in any era. This is a distraction by Ford or some machination by some poser. Apparently, whoever drew this is into Asian cars as the silhouette imitates the Genesis coupe and, to a lesser degree, the 370Z and FRSBRZ. This is a hoax is what I am saying.

  • Myangeldust

    PS to AutoGuide: bending and stretching a photograph of a current Mustang using Photoshop is not considered “rendering” nor is it conceptualizing the future. Use your budget for phoney articles to have a photographer visit Ford’s testing grounds.

  • Timmyv324

    It would b a shame as an American icon to follow designs for a European market when America is what the ford mustang is all about. I have been a mustang fan al my life and a European looking mustang will change that for me. It’s a mustang not a sports car a muscle car. And muscle cars don’t come from Europe. As an American this is the problem with us today trying to take over the world why can’t we worry about ourselves instead of everyone across the pond

  • rcp

    If I wanted to buy a European car I would buy one .  Generation y does not care about cars , all they worry about is video games . Ford needs to remember who is buying the Mustang

  • 69BossGuy

    I seem to remember that a few years back, the Probe was scheduled to be the next generation Mustang.  That created a huge outcry from diehards and Ford scrapped the idea.

  • rocko

    This rendering is AWSOME

  • Sig

    I don’t like that front! Totally looks like a Ford Fusion! FAIL

  • El Gato

    LOL, Mustang fan knows nothing about Mustang!, you see guys that 1964 Mustang was not a retro musclecar, the Stang was a modern car by the 60’s standard. Fast forward to current Mustang, after that Fox platform Mustang gone, the Stang designer was do a carbon copy from the yesteryear Mustang, lack of imagination. So 2015 Mustang should be a momment for Mustang to design something new, something like they did 50 years ago, and GUYS PREPARE TO FACE THE FACT THAT YOU MUSTANG WILL TURN INTO A HORRIBLY DATED STANG< ONCE THIS NEW DESIGN HIT THE SHOWROOM FLOOR!

  • MarkSpacco

    As a owner of over 8 Mustangs in my lifetime, I welcome a new look and change. I love that the fact Ford is finally introducing an independent rear suspension and you can’t go wrong taking styling queues from an Aston Martin.

  • Cobra

    This looks like the biggest POS ever! No originality! However, im hoping it tanks so that my fox bodies and other stangs skyrocket in value!!

  • BlackSunshine

    I have owned a Mustang of one generation or another since I was 15…. starting with a 65 coupe. I now own an 07 Shelby GT500 ….. but if this is what the 2015 and later Mustangs look like, I will NEVER own one!!! Let’s hope the 2015 Mustang doesn’t look like this fugly rendering!!!

  • Knuckles Mutatis

    That borders more on very sexy sports car territory than the typical boxy & bulky pony car Mustang/Camaro/Charger look.
    And that is awesome.

  • Neal99

    Any rumors of the price