Acura ILX Arrives at Dealerships Today

Acura ILX Arrives at Dealerships Today

New for this year, the entry-level Acura ILX hit dealerships today witha starting MSRP of $25,900. With little direct competition, the automaker might have an easy time selling its latest car, but then again maybe not.

Currently, the Buick Verano is the only car to compete, except for the fact that at higher price points Acura competes with itself. At the base level, customers can expect a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine with 150 hp and a five-speed automatic transmission. For a beefier $29,200, a 2.4-liter four cylinder makes it under the hood with 201 hp and a six-speed manual.

Acura made a point to differentiate the ILX from the Honda Civic it shares a platform with, which it does, but during our review we found that the car to be uninspiring, especially because there’s no reason to buy the sportier version.

There’s also a hybrid drivetrain that gets 38 mpg combined, a first for the brand which will appeal to more fuel-frugal folks.

Still, the ILX is a solid competitor to the Buick Verano and offers a solid list of standard features, attractive interior and reasonable price for an entry-level luxury car.

If you want to spend more, the “Premium” package offers a list of premium features including leather seats, an upgraded stereo and satellite radio, a power driver’s seat, 17-inch aluminum wheels and more for $3,300. Alternatively, drivers who choose the 2.0-liter engine or the hybrid can pick the technology package, which on the hybrid offers all the same features as the Premium except the 17-inch wheels for $5,500. On the 2.0-liter model it only costs $2,200.

  • whitneymuse

    The pre-press on the Earth Dreams engine for the Acura is very confusing; dealers are saying they only just got word that they will be delivered this 2nd week of September; thank goodness that Wikipedia has gotten the scoop on their website; that got a contribution from me; attaboy!