American City with Worst Traffic Might Surprise You

American City with Worst Traffic Might Surprise You

Traffic has negative effects on the environment, our cars, and our heath, and yet it is a reality we all face, but according to a recent study, the poor commuters in Honolulu, Hawaii have it the worst.

The national traffic scorecard, conducted by traffic and navigation service provider INRIX in Kirkland, Wash., has found that Honolulu, Hawaii has the worst gridlock over every other city in America. The population of the city is about one million people, a tiny number when you consider that the second city on the list, Los Angeles, houses around 13 million people. The lack of space to build more roads on the small island may be part of the problem, or possibly that the landscape is too hilly to build on.

The top five worst cities for traffic in America, worst to best,  are: Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Bridgeport.


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