Another ‘NOTAG’ Vanity Plate Results in $8,000 in Parking Tickets

Another ‘NOTAG’ Vanity Plate Results in $8,000 in Parking Tickets

Back in February, we heard a story about Danny White out in Washington D.C. who had a vanity plate that said “NO-TAGS” on it. And while hilarious, it proved to be costly for White when every car that had no tags on it got a ticket and was entered in under White’s name.

For White, he had compiled up $20,000 in unpaid parking tickets – even though none of them were really meant for him or his vehicle. Now a poor lady in Jacksonville with a similar ‘NOTAG’ vanity plate has $8,000 worth of parking tickets in her name.

Carole Schroeder says she’s being targeted by the city, and that she’s just “an old lady with a very cool car” that the city wants to impound because of unpaid parking tickets. Similar to White’s situation, every time a car with no tags is ticketed, it goes into the system as registered to Schroeder. A shocking total of 135 unpaid parking tickets are now under name.

Many of the tickets are written to different cars (obviously) and none of them are even meant for Schroeder’s “very cool car” which appears to be a Volkswagen Beetle in the photo. Schroeder believes that somebody isn’t doing their job, but it’s really a fault in the system. Hopefully Schroeder, like White, can have her name cleared of the tickets in a timely fashion without too much headache.

[Source: News 4 Jax]

  • Here is Australia the authorities which issue standard and custom plates [likely] would not allow these to be issued in the first place. While I think it’s insane that these days people will litigate over an under-sweetened espresso, I’d be seriously considering action against the body who issued such plates when they must have known – if they were in any way competent – what trouble they would cause.