April Car Sales See Drop in Average Fuel Economy

April Car Sales See Drop in Average Fuel Economy

According to the University of Michigan, the average fuel economy of all the cars sold in April was 23.9 mpg, a 0.2 decrease from March. 

The study indicates that American car buyers are still conflicted in the showrooms. While many fuel efficient small vehicles celebrated good sales last month, vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Nissan Titan were in high demand as well, showing that Americans still have the need for big cars, and will sacrifice fuel economy to get them.

The sales also reflect the slight reduction in gas prices we saw at the end of April, as the price of gas dictates what people buy. This comes as a surprise as analysts are still predicting gas prices to soar in the coming months, causing consumers to turn to fuel efficient alternatives.

Since the study began in October of 2007, our vehicles have become roughly 14 percent more fuel efficient, but they still have a long way to go if gas prices keep on creeping up.


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