Aston Martin Jewelry Collection Sparkles

Aston Martin Jewelry Collection Sparkles

Do you know what perfectly complements an Aston Martin? Exquisite diamond jewelery that’s inspired by the luxury automobile.

Sure, diamonds are a girl’s best BFF, but a luxury car is always considered a close, personal friend. That’s why Aston Martin teamed up with Australian designer John Calleijato create an exclusive jewelry line that celebrates the automaker’s legacy – more specifically, the famed Aston Martin One-77, a car so popular that ever since its 2010 introduction, every single one has been sold.

The idea of a wearable art form was envisioned when Aston’s chief exec Ulrich Bez approached Calleija, and this exclusive jewelry line was born. The Calleija for Aston Martin Collection took six years to conceive and boasts 77 pieces of jewelry with 30 designs. Modeled after the One-77’s front grille, these pieces use the Astar cut for gemstones, just one of innovations that make this collection spectacular.

No word on how much this jewellery will set you back, but we’re guessing since the design took its inspiration from the Aston Martin One-77, the cost will also be a reflection of the supercar’s price tag.

[Source: Automotto]

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