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 |  May 02 2012, 12:42 PM

Aston-Martin is turning 100 years old in 2013, and to mark the occasion, will build what the company is calling an all new ‘remarkable’ car.

“This will be an entirely new model. We have to do something to mark our centenary. It won’t be a DB9 with a Centenary Edition Badge and it won’t be a limited edition like the One-77 supercar (shown above). This will be a mainstream Aston,” said Aston CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez.

This new model is likely the re-designed DBS, that will take its design cues from the One-77 supercar and apparently net 550 hp from its V12 engine. Whatever this new car is, expect a fresh design which will represent Aston’t future style.

“The best cars stand the test of time,” Bez said. “You need evolution in design, not constant change. Look at the Porsche 911.” The evolution he refers to also points to the car being the DBS, as it will keep the name, but recieve an entirely new design, building on the previous DBS.

Aston cars have come under fire lately, as fans say the design hasn’t changed in a long time and that the company has become unimaginative. The upcoming car will be the marque’s best chance to rebut those claims and offer a fresh design.

[Source: Auto Express]