Atlanta City Council Bans Drifting

Atlanta City Council Bans Drifting

Atlanta’s city council recently passed an amendment that made several changes to the city’s noise ordinance, directly targeting drifting.

The amendment prohibits car drifting on private property within 1,000 feet of a residentially zoned district, stating that “car drifting produces excessive noise which is a nuisance to residential neighborhoods.” While its obvious that drifting makes a ruckus, the decision might be slightly misplaced because it discourages amateur drifting events designed to keep such activity contained in a safe environment.

This amendment won’t impact the Formula Drift Atlanta event since that takes place at Road Atlanta, which is outside city limits. But Atlanta is known for hosting many grassroots drifting events in local parking lots – legally of course – to help keep it off the streets. A petition has been setup to veto the ordinance amendment, which tries to fight back by stating that autocross events, Gymkhana events, and even automotive dealership test drive events are not being targeted in the amendment yet potentially produce the same amount of noise.

[Source: Wrecked Magazine]

  • AndySmithBrkfld

    Gee … what a fascinating story. If only it explained/defined what the hell “drifting” is. Jason, did you forget to tell us, or did some editor decide that everyone who would read this story would already know?

  • Hans

    Seriously. And what’s an “Atlanta” anyway?

  • hachiroku

    Drifting is continually controlled oversteer. If you don’t know what oversteer is…well, you shouldn’t be commenting on any website with “auto” in the name.

  • Allenegg

    I see no socially redeeming value in drifting.
    All it looks like to me is abuse to car and a wasting of tires.  imo

  • AndySmithBrkfld

    Why, thank you. I cannot imagine why such a simple explanation was not in the story. Again, some editor may have shortened the story and left out that rather significant detail. Now that I know “drifting” is continually controlled oversteer, it would seem obvious that this drill is something performed by thoughtless fools exhibiting continually deficient judgment and brains. Sorry if you’re among them “hachiroku.” I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  • hachiroku

    It is very fun to drift. It’s something you have to experience to understand. like my mom always said, “don’t tell me you don’t like this food until you try it”

  • Emily

    Right, thoughtless fools… Anyone who thinks that A) Clearly doesn’t know what drifting is (Which you’ve already proven) B) Can’t do it. 

  • Tell me a hobby of yours and I can blindly list reasons as to why I think your hobby is stupid.

    Get a life man, just because you don’t do something doesn’t mean its not worth doing, or sensible or fun.

  • ^ What a dick.

  • Hans

    What’s a “hachiroku”?

  • AndySmithBrkfld

    Alex and Emily are made for each other, Hans. They both like squealing their tires and wearing them out early, making lots of smoke, wrecking their transmission and transaxle, and they think we ought to be impressed. Wow. I’m impressed. A perfectly good low-life activity for the easily amused. I s’pose they don’t bother to tell a buyer that they’ve abused the crap out of their vehicle … nah. Hey, have another beer and lemme’ bum a cig. Got some stuff fer jello shots?! Ooooo, we’za gonna have lotso’ fun tonight!!!

  • Guest

    I’m not a drifter. Actually, I don’t much care for drifting. Not my thing. But this is about the dumbest thing I’ve heard of in a while. Why would they target the safe and legal events? This seems like exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. 

  • hachiroku

    Most drifters have two vehicles. One for daily use and one for drifting. I know I do. And hachiroku is a japanese term for “eight-six” referring to the type of drift car I own: 1986 rear wheel drive corolla. In all honesty, it is people like you that ruin the fun others have. While we are at it, let’s ban cops from using sirens at night, and ban gunshots from happening so as to not disturb these upstanding CONDO owners…..oh wait…..its DOWNTOWN ATLANTA. There is going to be noise. Should of planned on that before moving in across the road from the ATLANTA BRAVES…

  • u guest it

    the guy in charge wife must of banging one of them drifter..


    so lets ban the legal special events so that way we can piss off all of the street drifters and put them on the road and when they want to start drifting in traffic then we’ll have to measure if their at least 1,000ft away from residential areas before we can declare them to be in violation of noise ordinances… sounds like a great idea