Atlanta Drifting Ban Making Noise in Media

Atlanta Drifting Ban Making Noise in Media

A drifting ban affecting Atlanta residents is causing discontent among the automotive community and catching more and more media attention.

Earlier this week, news surfaced of a ban being put forward by Atlanta’s city council to ban drifting within city limits, mostly because of the noise it causes.

Inevitably, various news sources (us included) picked the story up and ran with it. One of those outlets was an Atlanta tv station that actually took a decibal meter out to compare how much noise a car made while drifting in Turner Field’s parking lot compared to the fireworks set off during a Braves baseball game in the same location.

It turns out, someone burning rubber in a big drift makes about half the noise those fireworks do. The news report also pointed out that Cindy McCain, Senator John McCain’s wife, is a proponent of the sport, which she participates in with their son.

A Facebook group called “Save Drifting in Atlanta” has also cropped up and gathered more than 9,000 members. The page links to a petition in protest of the ban, which would allow other motorsports to continue in the parking lot — just not drifting.

We’ll keep an eye on the page as it gathers support and update you as the story develops. For now, here’s a video from Team Rowdy, the group behind the drifting at Turner Field and the Facebook page.

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    If you lived in the neighborhood you would not want drifting here. Why can’t they conduct this event at an actual race track? The noise from drifting is much longer than the fireworks. It’s not just the decibel. It’s the type of noise and smell. There are other concerns but I will stay on point with what has been mentioned in the article. Drifting can take place somewhere else. We should not have to move to avoid it.

  • i work in the area and a have been working there for the past 9 years, since before gentrification started.  I live not too far away (5 min drive)  The drifting events seldom take place in comparison to the many, many baseball games that tend to disrupt traffic, bring in a far larger crowd and make twice the noise, as the article cited.  They only drift once every other month in the off season.  There aren’t any tracks in the atlanta area.  This is a legal venue, they’ve been doing it far longer than many of the new NIMBYs have lived there and it is keeping people from doing this on the street.  You take away the venue, you will have people doing this on the street, guaranteed.

  • Millhousegold

    This has been a great event for many people, for example Chris Ward Pro FD driver from Atlanta probably wouldn’t have his carreer if it wasn’t for this event. It is a place for all ages to have fun and as said by Michael Wilson this is only once a month 4-5 times a year, on the weekends and during the day not night. The baseball games are 10-15 times a month on week days that go into the night. I am almost 100% sure that not one on you have been to the event. You go and it is great atmosphere, everyone helps each other if they know each other or not. Most of my family thought it was stupid till I got them to ride with me in events and they love it. Once the Turner events are up and running again go and ask some poeple for a ride along and you will love it. Also there are only two other locations to do this, Lanier speed way and that is just a left turn oval that has almost no room for impovment on the many skills needed to do this sport, other than high speen left turns. and many people like me that have to driver thier car to the event and drive the car home cant afford to go that far expecialy if something breaks. Also at Lanier since it is a banked oval by law you have to have EMT on site and it is already expencive enough as it is to just to rent the track. The other is Cordelle wich is a far driver for anyone (2-4 hours depending on conditions of weather and traffic) and that is why there are few people that go to that event because almost no one can afford it.

  • jim

    geez man nobody wants anybody having any fun i went through all of this twice already once with skating and then with street bikes now drifting it just sucks people should lighten up and worry about something other than sliding like go petition big business that are polluting or hug a tree or something