Audi e-Bike Features Five Drive Settings Including ‘Wheelie’ Mode

Audi e-Bike Features Five Drive Settings Including ‘Wheelie’ Mode

At the annual Worthersee Tour in Austria, Audi will be bringing its new e-bike Worthersee prototype which will be on display alongside the Audi Q3 Red Track, Q3 jinlong yufeng and RS Q3.

Audi says that the bike is made to explore the limits of technical feasibility on the basis of Audi’s core competences “design”, “ultra”, “connect” and “e-tron”.

It’s a unique prototype that Audi claims is for sport, fun and tricks. It was completely designed by Audi’s team and features very light-weight materials. The frame and wheels together weigh just under 5 lbs. That’s thanks to a carbon fiber reinforced plastic material that’s used throughout the body of the bike.

The bike also has a small electric motor that powers the rear wheel when the rider doesn’t want to pedal. This motor adds quite a bit of weight, but the complete bike comes still comes to a relatively lightweight 43 lbs.

The electric battery here is fully removable, to be replaced by a charged unit for example, and can be fully recharged in as quick as two and a half hours.

The bike has five riding modes. ‘Pure’ mode allows the bike to be powered only via the pedals. ‘Pedelec’ mode gives the rider assistance by using the electric motor. ‘eGrip’ gets the electric motor to power the bike alone, with power output being controlled by the rider via a twist-grip throttle.

The last two modes allow the rider to have a bit of fun. Two ‘Wheelie’ modes help the rider perform stunts with some help from the electric motor.

Another key feature of the e-bike Worthersee is its on-board computer, which has a touch screen and shows which riding mode you’re in,can record trick sequences and can adjust various e-bike functions such as electric pedaling assistance and lighting. The display shows speed, distance, battery charge and other stats.

Other cool technology is used in the e-bike Worthersee prototype, like an immobilizer that senses when you are nearby, using your smart-phone’s antennae.

It sounds like an interesting concept from a car company that just bought Ducati. The Worthersee meeting originally started as a Volkswagen GTI meet, but has now transformed into a whole gathering of Audi/VW/Skoda fans, and the companies love to show off new products to its loyal fanbase.

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