Audi R6, S2, RS8 and More Trademarked for Production

Audi R6, S2, RS8 and More Trademarked for Production

In an always competitive market, Audi has plans to become the largest luxury automaker in the world, and has filed papers with the European trademark office to protect seven new car names likely to be seen on upcoming models.

The seven names Audi protected are: Q6, Q8, R6, S2, S9, RS1 and RS8. Some of these cars, like the Q6, are already known to exist although they are just in testing stages for now, while others like the S9 are not even on the radar yet.

The R6 is likely a variant of Audi’s mid-engine super car the R8 that will probably ride on a smaller platform and be slightly more affordable.

Q6 and Q8 will be the brands newest SUVs, with Q6 being introduced to compete with BMW’s X6 crossover, and the Q8 slotting in as the largest most luxurious SUV in Audi’s fleet.

The names S2 and S9 suggest the the brand will introduce two more cars into the lineup, which will be called A2 and A9. The S2 and S9 will be the sports performance version of these cars. Rumors of a model above the current flagship A8 have been suggested in the past, while the revival of the S2 name suggests an exciting performance oriented coupe.

The RS1 has already been spied, and will be a small hot-hatch that may not have a conventional non-performance version.

[Source: AutoNews Europe]

  • I hate these letter number combos, is the 8 a big four door or a super car, is there a new 6 or is that the midsize 4 door, maybe a small supercar.  Very confusing.