Baby Porsche Boxster Axed Says CEO

Baby Porsche Boxster Axed Says CEO

Plans for a cheaper, smaller entry-level model from Porsche have been dropped according to CEO Matthias Mueller, essentially laying to rest the idea of a baby Boxster model.

During an interview with a German newspaper, Mueller affirmed that plans for a smaller entry-level model would not only dilute the brand but alienate traditional Porsche customers that not only buy a Porsche for its performance, but the prestige that goes along with it. “We would do no good to the brand if we were to lose traditional Porsche customers,” Mueller said.

Last year, the German automaker expressed its interest in building a small, mid-engine sports car that would essentially be a successor to the Porsche 550 model from the 1950s. Early plans had the launch set in 2014, but we can now cross that date off our calendars.

In related news, this also means that the Pajun model might not just be delayed until 2017. Porsche now has no immediate plans to develop the smaller Panamera variant and will revisit the idea in a few years, possibly making it a reality in five or six.

[Source: Automotive News]