BlackBerry Support Added to OnStar RemoteLink

BlackBerry Support Added to OnStar RemoteLink

Starting today, generally unloved BlackBerry smartphone users can take advantage of the OnStar RemoteLink Mobile App, something that until now has been restricted to iOS and Android devices.

Unfortunately, it seems that only two of the many BlackBerry phones are actually able to use the service, the Bold 9900 and 9930. People with a Curve, Torch, or any other, less powerful version are out of luck. According to GM, the app was written in HTML5, making it flexible to other operating systems, but it still looks like people on older phones have limited options.

This release coincides with the company celebrating 14 million interactions from mobile devices to GM vehicles through OnStar. The roughly 821,000 active users have checked their tires, gas levels, locked their cars and more so many times that the company went a little wild and paired up with music producer, Octiv, to make a dubstep track out of sounds a car makes during RemoteLink-controlled functions.

Released today, the song (if you can call dubstep tracks songs) is a salute to Detroit’s upcoming Electronic Music Festival. The video features Octiv mixing the track in front of a crowd, backdropped by several RemoteLink compatible vehicles. You can watch the video below.

When it started out, the program was meant for Chevrolet Volt owners to check battery charge levels from a distance. Since then it has evolved into a much larger, more functional mobile app that offers vehicle stats, but  can also remotely program a GPS destination from your phone into the OnStar service for turn-by-turn directions.

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