BMW 1-Series Four Door Saloon in the Works

BMW 1-Series Four Door Saloon in the Works

The BMW 1-Series line is reportedly looking to expand with a four door rear-drive saloon version, that will be the spiritual successor to the E30 3-series four door.

The 1-Series has already spawned a sports coupe in the M135i, and a convertible cruiser variant, and next up will be a four door. Looking to compete against the new Mercedes-Benz CLA and the Audi A3, the 1-Series four door is following in line with high-end automakers moves to offer smaller car options in the luxury segment.

A small 1-Series saloon will leave room for the 3-Series to grow, which you can expect when the next generation 3-Series debuts.

The four door saloon may be ready by early 2015, and will undercut the 3-series in price to give it an appealing edge to consumers. Utilizing a rear-drive platform should also help to give the car a sporty driving feel, accented by its small size. Four and six-cylinder options will be available, and there may even be an all-electric version available eventually.

[Source: AutoCar]