BMW 2 Series to Replace 1 Series Convertible in 2014

BMW 2 Series to Replace 1 Series Convertible in 2014

With an expanding model lineup, BMW is broadening its naming structure to better differentiate between its cars, the most recent of which will be the 2 Series.

The automaker initially decided to branch its 3 Series coupe into the new 4 Series badge for 2013 in an effort to make the entry-level luxury car less confusing. Now, the brand is taking a similar direction with its 1 Series convertible, which according to CAR will be called a 2 Series in coming generations.

Changes to the 2 Series will be cosmetic, so we’re expecting to see the same engines and underpinnings making it into 2 Series as are already available in the 1 Series. Apparently, this is part of a move by BMW to move its two-door cars farther upmarket to command a bigger price premium.

Predicted for 2014, customers can expect both a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic in the car.

[Source: CAR]


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