BMW 320d Races Olympic Sprinter Mark Lewis-Francis

BMW 320d Races Olympic Sprinter Mark Lewis-Francis

As the official automotive partner of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, BMW has been quite involved with the events, even lending its weather testing facility to proof the olympic torch.

Now the German automaker decided to have a little bit of fun, taking one of its 320d EfficientDynamics models, which is part of the Olympic fleet, and pitting it against Olympic gold medalist Mark Lewis-Francis. Sports scientist Professor Greg Whyte joined the event at The Mall in London in order to study the similarities in acceleration between a world-class sprinter and a BMW vehicle.

Three aspects were recorded, similar to a drag race: acceleration, reaction time, and speed. Amazing, Francis who won an Olympic gold medal back in 2004 in the 4×100-meter relay, was quicker than the BMW up until four seconds – almost 100 feet – after the gun went off. It really puts a perspective to how quickly an Olympic sprinter can accelerate.

“As a professional athlete Mark is adept at sprinting from a starting gun and we are able to measure his reaction time from the moment the gun sounds to the point he explodes from the blocks. Along with other factors, it is how efficiently he is able to relay that response which allows him to pull away,” Whyte said.

[Source: Mirror UK]