BMW ActiveE Drivers in Colorado Get Solar Panel Discount

BMW ActiveE Drivers in Colorado Get Solar Panel Discount

Driving an electric car may be as green as you can get on the road, but being green at home means investing heavily in alternative energy. In an effort to combat that, BMW and Real Goods Solar are teaming up to make solar panels more cost-efficient to intall at home for ActiveE drivers.

Real Goods Solar, a Colorado-based company, is offering a hefty 35-percent discount to ActiveE drivers if they’re interested in installing solar panels on their home. And like many other residential solar-panel installers, Real Goods Solar offers a zero down, 20-year lease program and also a pre-pay lease.

In the case of the zero-down lease system, you’ll still be paying for electricity as Real Goods Solar will act as your utility company and charge you a rate for electricity, though it’s heavily discounted compared a standard utility company’s cost. That money goes towards paying for the installation and upkeep of your solar system.

“Solar power is a natural fit for electric vehicle owners looking for a more sustainable lifestyle,” said Real Goods Solar CEO, Bill Yearsley, “We are delighted to partner with BMW of North America to deliver Real Goods’ award-winning design and installation services to help ActiveE drivers harness the power of the sun to fuel their new sports car.”

The collaboration will allow ActiveE owners to plug-in their electric cars during the day if they’re able to. Otherwise, plugging in at night means pulling electricity from the grid. Either way, a 35-percent discount is pretty attractive if you’re already an ActiveE owner.