BMW and German Technical University Working Together on Future EV Tech

BMW and German Technical University Working Together on Future EV Tech
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BMW is collaborating with the Technical University of Munich on an EV project called Visio.M, with plans to build an  efficient, safe, and inexpensive electric car that will be broadly marketable. 

The EV is slowly gaining steam in today’s market, but still can’t offer the convenience of a gasoline engine. BMW and its partners know that building a truly safe, efficient, affordable EV capable of competing with gasoline will be the ticket to finding global sales success.

The two focuses of the project are price and safety. Despite minimal weight, the car must retain a level of safety that is on par with today’s automobiles and be affordable for a broad customer base — all while maintaining low production costs.

The culmination of this effort is supposed to be a vehicle that runs on 15 kw of power, and weighs a maximum of 880 lbs before the batteries are put in. BMW is trying to add to its newly created eDrive series of cars, betting on electricity in the future, a plan already in motion with the companies new i8 and i3.

The projects total budget is 10.8 million Euros, with funding coming from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. BMW engineers along with researchers at the university are partnering to make this new car a tangible business venture.