BMW Announces M Performance Parts for 3-Series and 5-Series

BMW Announces M Performance Parts for 3-Series and 5-Series

BMW announced today that M Division performance parts for both the 3 Series and 5 Series will be made available to consumers.

Items being sold are the same as what would otherwise be found in the high-end M Division cars. An extensive list is being made available to allow enthusiasts to squeeze more performance out of their 3 and 5 Series sedans.

Starting with the wheels, 20-inch aluminum alloys are available for both cars. Thanks to a special forging process, each rim is about 2.4 lbs lighter than something else of similar size, which will translate into slightly better steering response.

A Brembo “big brake” kit is also available with painted calipers because putting 20-inch wheels on the car can make the stock brakes look a little silly. Of course improved brake discs are also available and will offer significantly better stopping power than the standard equipment.

High-gloss kidney grilles, sport stripes, carbon fiber mirror caps and a rear carbon fiber spoiler complete the exterior M Division masquerade. The interior can also be dolled up with carbon fiber including a new shift knob and selector level.

People with a 3 Series can also opt for a new steering wheel with a flattened lower rim.

The only part that could offer slightly improved performance, but doesn’t, is a new exhaust. Instead, it’s designed to make the car sound better.