BMW Recalls 24,340 Diesel Vehicles Over Emissions Standards

BMW Recalls 24,340 Diesel Vehicles Over Emissions Standards

BMW has announced a recall of 24,340 vehicles in the U.S. that are equipped with diesel engines.

Model year 2009-2011 X5 xDrive 50i, X6 xDrive 50i and 3-series diesel models are affected by the recall. The company says that certain components, such as the SCR catalyst, DEF mixer and EGR valve may overstate the vehicles mileage, causing emission standards to be exceeded which makes the cars service engine light come one.

BMW will start the recall on May 9, and a letter will be sent to affected owners to make them aware. The repair will require an inspection and replacement of one or more of the components, and a re-programming of the service engine light.

  • Jefferoni2000

    What the heck does it mean  ‘certain components overstate the vehicles mileage’ mean?

  • Archaic

    That means they are telling the computer they have been there longer than they have.  This means the components are probably not lasting as long as they were expected when firt designed, or somebody skimped on engineering of the parts to save a little dough.  And surprise! That often backfires.