BYD Electric Buses Heading to Canada

BYD Electric Buses Heading to Canada

BYD will provide 10 new electric buses to Windsor, Canada to become the first North American city to use China-built all-electric large-scale transportation.

Eddie Francis, mayor of Windsor, has sent over an agreement to BYD for the buses, one of which will be used to transport passengers to Detroit meaning they will also be operate in the U.S. BYD hopes this will get its foot in the door for a larger North American presence. The Chinese automaker is also talking with Canadian authorities in hopes to manufacture buses in Ontario.

The K9 electric bus can be fully charged in six hours offering a 186-mile range with a 60-mph top speed. A quick charge can fill up its battery to 50 percent capacity in just 30 minutes and features iron-phosphate batteries that can cleanly recycle its stored energy.

Windsor also has a long-term plan for the buses’ batteries once they’re taken off the road in 12 to 15 years; They hope to convert them into fixed energy storage stations.

“One of our primary goals was to position Windsor among the first cities in North America to pioneer the efficient use of electric buses within its public transit authority and to establish Windsor as a hub for the development, manufacture and commercialization of energy products including electric buses,” said Stella Li, president of BYD Motors.

  • Raphaelmartin2410

     BYD cars are more suitable for  Montreal Quebec as  we have green energy in abundance.. Hydro Power.  What we need is good price and  non polluting battery which the Byd offers in the car ( Li FE Battery).. The Chevy volt is a very good car but it has small battery, the generator of 1.4 is very good also, but the price does not make sence as that put the gaz cars  cheaper when one equates the two. China’s BYD can step in and fill the price gap and then the revolution will begin and then all the auto induestry will rise as if they are in deep slumber. The problem  is Obama and Stephen Harper are protecting our market as such until they don’t open the market the attitude of the big names will not change. Open to BYD and the world will start to spin faster and the revolution will begin.  Quebec must lead the way and BYD is the answer…. The range that BYD offers is excellent plus the recyclable battteries LI Fe is the answer Phostech in Quebec is working also on LIFE batteriies…. This is the right direction.