Cadillac Flagship Tipped as GM Begins Hunting Suppliers

Cadillac Flagship Tipped as GM Begins Hunting Suppliers

Tucked away behind the list of new cars in Cadillac’s lineup like the upcoming XTS seen above, the Omega platform that could underpin a new rear-wheel drive flagship for the American luxury marque seems to be gathering steam.

While details have been hazy about the new platform, and in some senses still are, our friends at GM Inside News, have learned that the company is sourcing parts for the structure.  While that doesn’t necessarily mean the project is green lit completely, it’s bigger news toward an actual product than has otherwise surfaced.

Still, a car built on the Omega architecture isn’t likely until 2015 at the earliest. It takes about four years to develop a new platform and car simultaneously. That said, if such a does end up on the assembly line, it will mean a mega sedan.

[Source: GM Inside News]

  • Keith H

    About time. The XTS seems like a fine car, but it’s never going to compete with the S-Class or 7 Series.