Cadillac Omega Platform to Drive RWD XTS Successor

Cadillac Omega Platform to Drive RWD XTS Successor

The Cadillac XTS may be hitting showrooms soon as the American luxury automaker’s flagship luxury sedan, but a rear-wheel drive successor is already on the drawing board for a possible 2015 debut.

Based on the Epsilon platform, the XTS will be a front-wheel drive sedan when it finally makes it on the market, with criticism already brewing for not being rear-wheel drive. The XTS successor however will be based on Cadillac’s new Omega platform and is expected to underpin Cadillac’s top-end offerings within the next three years.

While General Motors‘ Sigma platform has been more than successful for Cadillac’s lineup – including the CTS, STS, and SRX models – its limitation in size has been a constraint for Cadillac with some of its newer models migrating to the more versatile, lighter Alpha platform. The need for a larger rear-wheel drive platform has brought the Omega platform to reality and could be used to build vehicles ranging from a BMW 5 Series competitor all the way to a long-wheelbase 7 Series model.

The versatility of the new platform allows Cadillac to build the XTS it’s always wanted to. The successor based on the Omega platform will be the first product from the line and will either supplant or replace the upcoming XTS model. But the successor may not be Cadillac’s flagship for long; the Omega platform may serve to bring a true, larger Cadillac flagship to reality.

As for what will be powering the XTS successor, it’s expected to have GM’s 3.6-liter DOHC V6 with around 310 hp under the hood as the standard powerplant mated to an all-new 8-speed automatic transmission that will eventually find its way on the CTS and ATS models.

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