Canadian Woman Wrecks Car in Moose Collision, Doesn’t Notice

Canadian Woman Wrecks Car in Moose Collision, Doesn’t Notice

Some bizzare news comes from the North today, as a woman hit a moose and kept on driving to work. In fact, she didn’t even notice her car was damaged until a co-worker noticed her injuries and nearly destroyed roof.

Michelle Higgins, from Newfoundland, Canada managed to drive about 25 miles with her car’s roof nearly gone. She claims she didn’t know she’d hit a moose. She says she doesn’t remember hitting the massive animal, even after visiting the site where the dead moose was found.

“For me not to have control over what is happening is unreal and it’s driving me crazy,” she said.

She sustained head and neck injuries during the collision. She has bruises on her face and two bones in her neck were fractured.

Despite hitting a moose that nearly destroyed her car, Higgins still managed to make it to work on time. Officials say that she’s lucky that the airbag didn’t go off, and that if she was a bit taller she would have been less lucky.

Higgins seems rightly concerned that she doesn’t remember, a whole section of her morning commute. Could she have done anything else unsafe on her commute to work that she wasn’t aware of? She’s asking for anyone who saw her badly damaged car driving on the highway to get in contact with her.

Higgins apparently also forgets a few phone-calls that she made, her head injuries are likely to have caused her blackout.

[Source: CBC]