Car E.R. is So Bad, It’s Good

Car E.R. is So Bad, It’s Good

Reality television shows have become a guilty pleasure in our society, and now low budget series get an opportunity of life thanks to YouTube.

One of these series, Car E.R., is about Pam Oakes, a fourth-generation female car mechanic who owns Pam’s Motor City out in Fort Myers, Fla. And as you can expect from any reality series, it’s full of drama, comedy, and well, plenty of things to roll your eyes at.

It’s hard to sum up the first two episodes of Car E.R. with words, but let’s just say there’s a “fried chicken exorcism” as a starter and Pam goes and shreds up a customer’s car that wasn’t able to pay up. The show is sponsored by A.C. Delco and even though it’s getting its first chance at life on the internet, it’s hoping to be picked up by a feature network soon. Apparently initial reviews says it’s “sure to be a hit.” Pardon our skepticism.

You might learn a thing or two by watching it though, like how some turtles breathe from their butt. Oh reality television.

Watch the first two episodes of Car E.R. after the break.

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  • kellyasummers

    It may not be the best quality, but it’s really exciting to see a woman in the auto industry showcased. My husband and I own a garage, and it’s really disheartening to see woman after woman come in convinced that they could never understand cars or be competent. I’d love to see more knowledgeable, confident women in this business. Thanks for sharing this!


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