Carroll Shelby ‘King of the Road’ Miniseries Starts Today on Velocity Channel

Carroll Shelby ‘King of the Road’ Miniseries Starts Today on Velocity Channel

Carroll Shelby’s passing rocked the automotive world, a man that was peerless in his automotive ingenuity and passion for motorsports.

To celebrate his life, Velocity Channel will be airing a three-part miniseries starting today and will continue to air it through June 1st, in case you can’t sit in front of the tube tonight. The Discovery Network spinoff channel will take a deeper look at Shelby’s extensive life and how he was such a huge influence to Ford‘s development over the years.

The first episode focuses on Shelby’s LeMans victory and the early years of the AC Cobra development, which is one of the most coveted high-performance cars of all time. The second showing will take a look into the partnership with American automaker Ford and how the original Mustang GT 350 came to life. The last of the miniseries covers Shelby’s most recent collaboration with Ford and focuses on the new Shelby GT 500, which will most undoubtedly become a collector’s car now.

The three-part miniseries begins at 8:00pm local time and you can hit the source link to see other dates and times it’ll be aired.

[Source: Velocity Channel]

  • Mazaru

    I’m about to finish watching part 2 of the miniseries and they indicate Carroll did nothing from between the late 1960s to the 2007 Shelby GT-H.  I wish they’d at least mention the (Dodge) Shelby GLH-S, CSX, etc. from the mid 1980s and the 1999 Oldsmobile based Series 1.

  • Mazaru

    I apologize for me post – part 3 of the miniseries talks about the Shelby Dodges and the Oldsmobile-based Series 1

  • Drgrafix

    Will Velocity re-run this series this Summer? I missed it and was hoping to somehow get to see it.