Chevrolet Cruze Fire Probe Expands to 370,000 Vehicles

Chevrolet Cruze Fire Probe Expands to 370,000 Vehicles

Earlier in April, NHTSA announced an investigation into a possible fire risk on the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze after two vehicles had been completely destroyed.

The initial investigation covered 177,000 vehicles from the 2011 model year, but NHTSA is now expanding the investigation to include the 2012 model year raising the total figure to 370,000 vehicles under investigation.

The total number of fires reported still remains at two, both incidents where the vehicle caught on fire while being driven and resulted in total losses. Fortunately in both incidents the driver and its passengers were able to escape the vehicle without injury.

We have however received quite a bit of attention on a previous post about Chevy Cruze fires, with one commenter even posting a video of his Cruze burning. It looks as though this is a serious issue, which has many cases that have gone unreported.

NHTSA will continue to investigate before reporting its findings to the government. It may take up to six months before a recall is issued, if NHTSA believes the Cruze does have a defect.

  • Dbirch

    the fix turns out to be a big hole in the shield under the motor

  • Christopher Miles

    Oil changes at times leak oil- oil caught fire. Hole was for managing oil(changes) better to avoid excess sitting on aero shield under engine