Chevrolet Volt Lures Customers from Other Brands

Chevrolet Volt Lures Customers from Other Brands

The Chevrolet Volt is converting Prius faithfuls to the bowtie brand as nearly seven in 10 new Volt buyers trade in a competitor’s vehicle to get one, according to Chevy.

 “I owned a Prius for six years and loved it. I was one of the first to sign-up for the plug-in (version),” said Steve Glenn of Santa Monica, Calif.   “While I was waiting for it to ship, I learned that the Volt would qualify for the HOV stickers, so I did a test drive. I fell in love then. It’s faster, better appointed and gets far better gas mileage than the Prius (or the plug-in). I’ve driven it over 1,000 miles and I’ve only used five gallons of gas.”

The Volt is pulling new customers in to the brand, thanks to its unique technology and added perks such as government incentives and HOV lane access. In a survey conducted by Chevrolet, 93 percent of Volt owners claim that they would buy the car again. Chevy claims that the Toyota Prius is the most traded-in vehicle of people who opt for a Volt, followed by the Toyota Camry, Honda Civic and BMW 3 Series.

The Volt is peaking interests and pulling in new customers, so despite the controversy surrounding the car, it is raking in some new customers for Chevrolet.

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