Chrysler Town & Country Axed, Dodge Dart SRT4 on its Way

Chrysler Town & Country Axed, Dodge Dart SRT4 on its Way

The original minivan will officially be retired in 2014, ChryslerFiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has revealed. That same year Jeep will also axe the Compass crossover while a high-performance version of the new Dart compact will be launched in the coming years.

Marchionne’s decision comes as the result of a plan to eliminate product duplication, especially now that most dealerships carry all four major Chrysler Group brands: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. With the Town & Country gone, the Dodge Grand Caravan will carry on the minivan torch, while the Chrysler van will be replaced by a crossover model that will wear the same name.

The compass will also end its run in 2014, due in part to product overlap with the Patriot and Liberty, which will ride on a Dart platform in the future. Past rumors have indicated a smaller Fiat-based model could replace the Patriot in the future.

With products being cut, Marchionne has done his share of additions to the Chrysler Group, especially with the introduction of Fiat to the US, as well as the establishment of the Ram truck brand and SRT performance brand. The latter will see the addition of a Dart model, though Marchionne wouldn’t confirm what engine will power it, stating, “The only thing we’re fighting over now is to determine how big an engine we stick in it.” The Caliber SRT4 was dropped from the Dodge lineup in 2009.

[Source: AutoNews]

  • T. Roll

    That picture takes me back. Remember when minivans only had a sliding door on one side… and it was a BIG deal. Lol.

  • chubaka

    I am wondering what the town and country replacement crossover will look like??

  • Larry7D

    I have no idea why this Marchionne wants to get rid of 1 of chryslers best selling vehicles the Town and Country and replace it with what! Fiat,s and Alfa Romero,s never sold well in America in the First Place! *I once owned a 1971 2 door Dodge Dart Swinger hardtop and it was a very good car and this new Dart looks nice but will it last and will it  sell? and I now own a 2006 Dodge Caravan SE and it is very Good mini van  and it would be a Highly Stupid idea* to Cancel this Van just because he has different ideas on what would work in Italy  well thinking like that will Bankrupt the Chrysler Corporation  because I will bet this Italian dose not have a Clue what appeals to American Drivers so he better be careful he dosent Kill Chrysler and Dodge in the Process and try to push that junk over here because in the 1980,s Fiat and Alfa Romero.didnt sell too well here and they where mechanical nightmere,s they broke down more times than they ran so he better be on his A game if he wants to sell those cars here in America because these people in this Country will send his Ass and his cars back to Italy ! 

  • Larry7D

    Chrysler should have stayed with Mercedes Benz* they make better cars IE the Charger,the 300,Challenger and Magnum*based on the Mercedes 500 chassis*.

  • Mike Cui

    Mercedes Chryslers are junk

  • Mike Cui

    Mercedes copy R class?