Chrysler Town & Country Recalled for Faulty Liftgate: 471 Units Affected

Chrysler Town & Country Recalled for Faulty Liftgate: 471 Units Affected

Chrysler is recalling 471 Town & Country minivans because of a liftgate issue that might increase the risk of a limb being caught during closing.

The problem stems from a right-side pinch sensor that may not function properly, meaning additional force might be required to stop it during the final closing stages. Translated from NHTSA jibber jabber into plain english, the door might not stop if someone is caught in it as it’s closing.

Before you wince at the thought, stop and ponder what that means. We have yet to see an automaker dumb enough to have a self-slamming lift gate. In fact, the things can be painfully slow. Yes, what NHTSA says is true: there is  an increased risk that the door “may close on an appendage,” but only if you’re too slow or stupid to get out of the way first.

There’s no question that Chrysler should fix the issue at no cost to the consumer, which it will, but it’s almost hilarious to think that this merits a recall when fire risks in Ford E Series vans don’t.

The affected units were made between March 9 and 12. Owners should expect to be contacted by Chrysler but can also call the company at (800) 853-1403 for further information.


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