Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 13

Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 13

For the past two years, SEMA has worked with the U.S. Senate to designate a day as “Collector Car Appreciation Day”, and this year it will fall on July 13.

This will be the third year of the annual event, which has been organized to help raise awareness on the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in today’s American society. Undoubtedly, classic car restoration not only provides plenty of jobs in an undersaturated industry, but are jobs that are well-paying and highly-skilled.

“In the previous two years, the U.S. Senate helped launch national Collector Car Appreciation Day by passing resolutions at our request,” said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald. “As a result, thousands of Americans have gathered at car cruises, parades and other events to celebrate our nation’s automotive heritage. By taking part in these events around the country, these automotive enthusiasts and related businesses ensured that their passion was honored and recognized.”

It is expected that on July 13, collectors and car enthusiasts worldwide will host hundreds of events throughout the U.S. SEMA’s Automotive Restoration Market Organization, which is working with individuals, car clubs, and businesses to organize events such as car cruises, club gatherings, and even educational seminars to celebrate the day.

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