Could You Live a Month in Your Car?

Could You Live a Month in Your Car?

Imagine if you condensed the time you spend commuting annually into one long stretch. It adds up to about a month and an organization in Canada is looking for individuals willing to do it in one shot for cash.

Evergreen, is a not-for-profit organization that aims to make cities more livable. They are initiating this campaign that they believe will highlight the transportation issues we face every day in the city, and help explore some sustainable solutions to our gridlock woes.

The person selected for the job will earn $1,000 a week plus a daily per diem and will spend night and day in the car, eating and sleeping, for 4 weeks straight—aside from pit stops and media appearances.

Think you’re up to the job? They’re holding a casting call to find the perfect candidate. You’re not just going to be idling around either, Evergreen tells us that there is an itinerary for the individual chosen, and that they will have to participate in a variety of interviews, media appearances and public opinion polls. Not only that, but they will also get their own web video series, and engage with followers through social media.

Interviews will be conducted on light-hearted automotive based subjects like talking to a woman who gave birth in a car. Social media obligations involve crowd sourcing the best road-trip song.

The person awarded with the role will do everything they can to learn and share all they can about the past, present and future of urban transportation. Quirky individuals are surely welcomed.

While the car of choice hasn’t been decided yet, we talked to one of the organizers of the event who noted it’s a decision between a hyper-efficient new vehicle, or a beater that will be cubed at the end of the campaign.

Check it all out by clicking here. We’ll be covering the individual’s exploits on a weekly basis.

  • Happy B

    Lol! Sounds fun. I think I’ll sign up. Just one issue… Where’s the can?

  • They believe will highlight the transportation issues we face every day in the city!